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Service Sears success stories that benefit dance realty dot com from the W. T. M. J. breaking news center I'm very now's in last Saturday's storm surge along Lake Michigan coastline is cost more than ten million dollars damage in Milwaukee county the county believes it will qualify for both state and federal assistance Patrick Kane's toured the damage and tells today's T. M. J. four he couldn't believe what he saw it's pretty amazing much damage that's happened here not at south shore the oak leaf trail Milwaukee emergency managers say that eight million dollars is needed to clean up lakefront parks with bluff erosion and debris with Wisconsin's democratic primary less than four months away governor YVR says he's declining to endorse any of the candidates still in the race the governor tells WTMJ he doesn't want to damage Wisconsin's opportunity I want every Democrat of full standing in the race to be visiting with the governor says he's considering holding off any endorsement up until the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee in July Packers playoff coverage on WTMJ former head coach Mike Holmgren is no stranger to championship games on the gridiron Holmgren tells WTMJ there's no denying the magnitude of the game with the Superbowl trip on the line but that shouldn't change the team's approach when you talk to your team you know it's not just another game but at the same time just play the way we've been playing grand one venture production but is expecting an entertaining game Packers radio network analyst Larry McCarron tells Wisconsin's afternoon news that he's seen improvement in all aspects of the Packers but especially in one area as far as giving up the big play and Chung plays much better at that over the final part of the season well actually the six game winning streak around so I'm cautiously optimistic Karen says that the forty Niners are tough especially at home but the game won't be a run away like it was in the regular season the police chiefs in Green Bay and San Francisco have made a friendly wager on this Sunday's Annecy championship game Green Bay chief Andrew Smith and San Francisco boss William Scott each agreeing that whoever wins the losing chief past where the winning team's Jersey and have it posted to social media Green Bay police also noting that the losing chief will also make a small personal donation to the winners nonprofit police foundation and local sports memorabilia shops are peeking ahead to a potential Super Bowl berth the playoff run has already been a welcome balm for Jeff sports taken Brooke feel certain Daddy that but when you have a season like this and what how well they're playing there is spike said that the muses work is just beginning if they hope to truly capitalized on a potential Super Bowl run I plant the seed talk to some of the agents and a lot of times their ages and different players or want to wait to hear that they do call they may want to charge more supply and demand obviously excitement is more noticeable this year after missing out on the playoffs the last couple of seasons Tony about Oct W. T. M. J. news the five day forecast partly cloudy cold tonight dropping down to around ten degrees the temperatures start to rise by morning will be sixteen by seven AM cloudy Friday.

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