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Had 41 points. That is unbelievable. And then if I could just see here at 42 penalty minutes, by the way, And in 80 games at age 51 52 like that is that's why the record by Patrick Marleau is so amazing because Gordie Howe is this legend of longevity. Of playing in five decades. Pro hockey even came back in 1990 was eight stability. I hate to say it, but you got it. You know, you've got to have a certain body type. And I told you before I told you this yesterday that he is a genetic freak is a man made body that is, is 100% suited for hockey. £220. He's six ft two. He's got insanely. Yeah, you know, legs and butt and his core is, you know, he's just he takes care of himself. You can see he's He's a big guy in his jaw line in his neck just in his head shot. If you could just look at the guy and say he's but using you know what You gotta be locking. You have to be lucky. I mean, there's so many guys that play the game that yesterday, lucky just to make it to the NHL ribs. That's not even considered lock that's considered way more than luck to get to the NHL Play one game You have to be lucky right to have a career and play 500 games. You have to be extremely lucky Play 1000. You have to be so fortunate. Least 17 68. I'm no If there's a word for that. I don't. Yeah, I mean, We'll go back. And look, it is like hockey db Hockey DVs Unbelievable page. Just go look. How many 82 games seasons he played. I mean, you know what I think? Games 78 games. He missed very few games. Obviously, you don't get to this. What do you take out of it? Glad you asked me that, Andrew what I take out of Patrick Marleau's DB page. As I start looking at it. Roll through it, and I thought of one thing. His first Giri Add 13 goals and 32 points. Second year 21 Goals. 45 points. Third year 17 Goals. 40 points, fourth year 25 Goals. 52 points. Six year If anyone glory if you do every year don't know our six years, six years with those point totals 30 to 45 50 to 44 57. Consistency. Well, it's interesting that you say that would you say that those point totals 13 goals? 21 goals. 17 goals. 25 goals. 21 goals 28 goals. Do you think of those numbers? There. There are good. They're not great, good numbers, but they're not great. Okay, So what if I were to tell you 47 49 50 65 52 in a shortened season and then this year is another very solid season. I'm speaking of no other than Sam Reinhart, in his first six years you're talking over his first six years are better than Patrick Carloads. Yeah, it's different game to Patrick Marshall played in 97 98 word. There were New Jersey trap. They're scoring leader in the NHL at 80 points. Different years that contain it's like it. Let's look at as soon as the 5 2006 seasons started 86 points with 34 goals. 78 points with 32 goals. 71 points with 38 goes Oh 83 points with 44 goals that at age 30 I mean, the opening up of the league and all five or six helped. He was really good, but I don't think you can compare Pat Marta with Sam Reinhart. Your attitude stinks. I'm just going to tell you that right now, Um, but Sam Reinhart Boy, Sam Reinhart, who don Granado mentioned today on GR really likes so much center and no need to feel the switching back to wing carry on at this point. But this time, there's no there's no reason to move them. But what happens when Jack Eichel comes back? I send you guys attacks yesterday. And and maybe that's something we can discuss. I don't know if we wanted to go there this morning, but okay, so we have I call as the number one center and you can make a case for Dylan cousins. Or maybe you and Casey Middle stat at center on DSanders Renard at center as well and I'm starting to look at Sam's production and the way he plays and I'm like, What if Sam was a really good defense of center Mons who happens to score goals? Sam doesn't drive play doesn't push the pace of play is not fast. He can score goals. He has a knack for scoring goals, but he's also really good defensively. What if Sam was your third line center, a more defensive minded roll checking role but ended up scoring 2025 goals a year. That is what you say. Checking roll. Yeah. Yeah, That sounds bad. But when you say checking Don't like the word checking roll. I like the word role that has the ability to play against the other team's top line. Yeah, okay. Like you are your job is to play against the other times like checking role because you know who has it checking role. Patrice Bergeron. Pastor. Same same roll party I don't want I don't want to jump on you here, Marty. I don't Sam, Right hearted. Third line. I mean, With power play you given for clean water lines. Let's not okay. Well, let's say the white hard line was the third line. We are naming our lines because remembering that we could do whatever we want, but I'm just saying, you give some first part play. You give them a shift here and there at the end of period at the end of games where you need a guy in front of that you need a goal, but Overall, his game. Could be better suited for that role that you just say. Hey, we've got the Toronto Maple Leafs and awesome Matthews. Sam, that is your responsibility tonight. We've got the inventor. Nor was an economist David Sam, That's your responsibility tonight. Like what? I don't know if I were to tell you this that Jack Eichel is our number one center. That our number to a to a is Dylan cousins and are to be it's Sam Reinhart. Don't like saying that Sam Reiner is gonna be a third line center because not a third line center. I think he's played and produced in this league where he's not a third line center. So let's just say that he is going to be in a role where Sam Reinhart's line He's going to play against the other team's top lines. He's going to match up against. You know the Nate McKinnon, the Landeskog and then ran in and he's gonna line up against the Patrice Bergeron, Marshawn Pasternak's He's gonna go up against Austin Matthews and whoever he's playing with I don't I don't mind. That Your mindset of thinking that Sam Reinhart is a defensively responsible player that understands Defense and he's really good female staff. What do you do it Casey Mills that and I know you're the one who's basically making the lines right now, Marty. I know, but I guess that's why I'm saying, like the problem that I had was okay. Like right now I call middle stat cousins, Reinhardt. Um, you've got you've got this just stepped down the middle. It's never a bad thing. What do you do? I think you've got flexibility where the sabers had zero depth down the middle. For the longest time. I think now we still have Cody Eakin now, and that's not Go down that path, but he's still a sentiment. We could still play other players that center we have many much motivation will be the fourth line center in this particular situation going and going into next year. If you're doing what you're doing, I'm looking at not just next year, but two years on the road three years down the road. I don't think Cody Eakin is there from longer than that. But I'm just saying Does mental start have to be a winner or have to be a sentiment. I'm saying does he have to be done? I think so. Well, here's what Here's What Don Granato says about mental stat. Lots of things have gone into his success. It's supporting him but also pushing him and demanding more of him..

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