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How do we make the contract contract? Oh goody the only contracts I have have assigned to sign with the blood of the other party and I only do that because some writers of stories about me insist that that is my method. No no no. We don't need contract. What I plan was to make an initial instalment of say one hundred million dollars do he up ninety million as I thought of it in various governmental and bank notes and PABST extend million in gold for emergencies? That should be enough to enable you to stop building an organization. Then whenever you need more you can just call on me and vice vice improve remiss. You can of course drop the whole project. I had thought by the way that about fifteen percent of your total expenses would be a reasonable clear clear profit. Three of 'em fifteen percent. That would be one hundred fifty million dollars. I'm like that and I prepared to throw in a few hundred thousand dollars for any official or member. Emba surveys staff who distinguishes him or herself. Does that sound reasonable as the you are nuts after all. What are you going to give me a check? I was is not proposing to give you an attack. Good just the cash and gold. You mean out of that little SATCHEL. That's hardly bigger than a woman's handbag and nevertheless here's Germany. Italian thousand Burmese for Brazil. Seventy thousand China Australia. The NATO Mussa. That's the Las Vegas. Count it if you wouldn't know how to start. I can't even can read the writing on most of these things look like money. Alright though now for the gold about ten tons of it I believe Penn tons. uh-huh million dollars. Is it done. We go wait a minute. And now now goodbye Mr Goody I shall expect a report from you and my regrets missed fallow but having been unable to make his acquaintances. Well Uh no no thank you I should find my way out Go steal can no millions flaco check. Oh come here minute Money second job that's ever been done. A hundred million bucks and this is only beginning in Moscow as a matter of crucial tide again give it up his trash. Brian Heal from Hong. Kong's her four three nine where people were three nine residents jail for theft and burglary weekending today. Two three two one two three two one women and girls els arrested for immorality list of name. Follows airmail thanksgiving. Mr Ross. Over there with it off talking to Mr Cody given the Mr asked that third desk there. He handled Scandinavian highly. Kim Sharman sorry. I didn't realize I wonder report on that bank. Did you asked about Mr Cody. It seemed a little too complicated for what gives. Well nothing strictly illegal but it sure wasn't strictly legally good work. Ask everybody to tell Mr Brubaker. Over the hill take notes on the whole thing gats okay. Yeah survey of five hundred. And twenty-five London women indicates adultery up thirty one percent nationally in the last ten years. I got a tax bill shekel. ESPN I think we're really getting there. You know that idea mind about borrowing a flock of Mr Lucifer's girls will act as a dog gone near stroke genius. If I do say at myself what they did the Boston and Mason Jason Setting. Yes I know when to a lot of other places to check you want to be happy. You want us to make a good record sure Mr goody but being silly shocked when a client client gives you a job. He wants results if he sells soap. He wants you to prove to him. That people like his soap better than any other kind runs. A camp for kids are all folks he wants you to find as many kids and all folks who can afford to go there as you can find..

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