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P A rookie. I want to go back to the Dawn Wells. Death real quick. I was talking to Joseph, who's running the board for us behind the scenes studio. And he told he's like, Yeah, I grew up on that show. I was like, how old are you? He goes 37. And so she always been around and in syndication forever, Right? And I we were talking about how I mean, this is my date myself a little bit, too, But I only watched it and Joseph to on Nick at Nite. Nickelodeon. Oh, stop it YouTube, Right? Yeah. I mean, when they would play shows like I Love Lucy and the Jeffersons. They would they would sprinkled Gilligan's Island. In there. So like I would watch an episode or two every now and then, But I never got emotionally invested because it was. I think I was just too young. And it was always on at, like, three in the morning or something like that. I watched it, I think what was that CBS. I think it was called right. But But Joseph seems like, yeah, that he like has all this Gilligan's Island. Trevor's like there's only one more person alive from that show. I didn't. I didn't know that. And so he was actually emotionally invested in the show when he was We lad? Ginger is the only one that's left. Ginger's Yeah, season. That's crazy, man. I had no idea. She probably said, Well, you know, in all the surveys, everybody would rather have Marianne than me, So I'll just outlive it. She gets she literally gets the last laugh. It's ah, you It's 5 48, now a W B A. P. So we finally had a senator coming out, saying that he will publicly object to certifying the electoral college votes next week when the Senate convenes that Would be Senator Josh How Holly Holly Holly H W l E Y. I'm horrible with names Adam, Missouri. Let's take a listen what he said in an exclusive on Fox News. I don't recall hearing the Democrats make any such outrageous claims when they were the ones who are objecting during the electoral College certification in 2004 in 2016. Democrats have done this for years. In order to raise concerns about election integrity. Now, when Republicans 74 million Americans have concerns about election integrity, we're supposed to just sit down and shut up. I mean, somebody has to stand up here, and I kind of like the angle he's taking there. Because I always appreciated in Washington. I don't want to say always because there's a lot of hypocrites in Washington, but I always appreciate it when hypocrisy is called out. You know, and it's a double A double standard across party lines is called out like he just did. Uh, Fortunately, it occurs on both sides. It does. It does. And one thing I do also liked about this. I'll play. Another clip from him is that he was asked about, you know, would you? He's some of the follow up was so Are you okay with the fact that Democrats did this in 2014 are 2004 in 2016. You've got 74 million Americans. Who feel disenfranchised who feel like they're vote doesn't matter. And this is the one opportunity that I have is a United States senator this process right here by one opportunity to stand up and say something, and that's exactly what I'm going to do. And he said it wasn't in that clip. He said. Yeah, the Democrats who did it In 2004 and 2016. I mean, that is their right constitutionally to do that. That's why we have this ability, so I appreciated that he wasn't saying No, it was stupid when Democrats did it. Right, which you don't see that a lot of times in Washington by the way to Wal Mart. I think this is a product of somebody tweeting from the wrong account. This is always something dangerous. I have toe watch for myself. I never tweet anything bad, but you know if you have Access to a company's Twitter account on your phone. You're sometimes If you're not paying attention, it could switch over from, you know, stupid joke to W b. A P. And if you're like tweeting about I don't know Whatever that W baby doesn't be tweeting about it accidentally goes on there. Well, it looks bad. Wal Mart. I think that's what happened with Wal Mart because the senator started tweeting about how he's going to challenge the election results and Wal Mart tweeted. Go ahead. Get your two hour debate Hashtag sore loser. On the official WalMart account. Wow. Um But then Wal Mart had to come out, say this was mistakenly posted by a member of our social media team. They meant to publish it on their personal account. Wow. Actually. No, it wasn't. Ah, wasn't a response to the senator. It was an ad for Ben Gay here story. Yes. You get your two hours on the shoulder and you will feel better. That's right. 5 51. Traffic here is Dave Allen accident on cell found I 45 I 20 this is affecting the westbound Ramp Avenue crash heading into downtown Dallas. Westbound I 30 Carol Avenue. It's in the right lane North Bend I 35 years 6 35 accident has only the right lane getting through. You're slowing just after four slain Also this crash westbound 6 35 just passed. I 35 to right lanes are blocked. Wghp first traffic. I'm Dave Allen. A rainy, windy cold finish here to 2020 rain could be locally heavy at times today we have a flash flood watch in effect through this afternoon for areas east to the Metroplex gusty north to Northeast winds out there today temperatures only reaching highs in the lower part of the forties Rain tapering to an end tonight areas west of the Metroplex could see some snow mix in as the Rain tapers off. We do have winter weather advisories in effect their temperatures overnight into the mid thirties. Cloudy new year. Statement forties for WB AP News I'm meteorologist Ken Bone at the Weather Channel 5 52 Now did you see this yesterday there were so a bunch of flight delays. DFW Airport and Dallas Love field, and I thought it was a okay, there's its brain ng all day. It's kind of could get cold and wintry, and that's probably messing up.

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