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Instead of for your broker's Once again my number is 877548 safe. That's 87754872. 33 Roger, Who's one of my listeners from from the show called me the other day, not not on the air, but he just called and we started talking about his retirement little bit, and I asked him. Roger, what would you like your money to do for you? That's what I That's where I start with all my clients. What would you like your money to do for you? Well, he he went on to tell me that he'd lost about 50% of his retirement money because his broker told him not get this. If you see if you recognize these words, his broker told him to be patient. And let it ride. And you know, I I started thinking I said to Roger Let it ride. Isn't that a term that they use and in gambling? I mean, they throw that around in Vegas all the time. I'm not a gambler, but I've heard that right. Let it ride. And he said, Yeah, you know, That is a term that they use in gambling. And, you know, I could literally see the light bulb Go on. And I want all of you to pay really close attention right now. So so pull. Your car is over now. I mean, if you're you know, um I 40 and five o'clock traffic. Uh, maybe not, but at least turn up your radio and tell your teenage daughter or teenage granddaughter toe be quiet for just a second because If you only get one message From me on this show. This is the message. You want to get and here it is. You don't have to go to Vegas. Where's Johnny? For that matter to gamble?.

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