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All right Rangers here comes the sound clip listen. Okay, here's a little hint. We've learned a lot about this creature in past episode. In fact, we even spoke to this animals zookeeper from the Toronto Zoo. Any ideas. Here's that sound more time? Ready to guess. Did you. Rhinoceros. If you did your. Who would have thought rhinos with sound like that? That sounded more like good tiny bird as opposed to Jane Norms Rhinoceros to me. There are actually five different types of Rhino on earth, two species from Africa, the Black Rhino in the white. Rhino and three from Asia Sumatran, Javan and greater one horned. Finals are such important animals. They're one of the largest land mammals alive today. Unfortunately, there are fewer than thirty thousand of them alive in the wild. Rhinos have been hunted. For Their Horn as some cultures believe the horns have medicinal properties. They absolutely do not in fact. Do you know what Rhino Horns are made of? Carrington. That's the same stuff. Your hair and fingernails are made of and last time I checked. There wasn't nothing medicinal about hair or fingernails. Rhinos need our protection. They're big. They're beautiful and we WANNA make sure that they're here for a long long time. For more INFO about rhinos and a superfund interview with my friend, Angie, the Rhino Keeper Checkout Episode Twenty Two of the Earth Rangers podcast. Rangers I am really excited because it's time for our creature feature..

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