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Sharon those twenty four twenty five years now who knows what's going to happen when you gotta go through it yeah you're probably hope twenty four twenty five years and not like sixteen or seventeen you know what i'm saying i mean i've already got excited about all that stuff i mean that's all he gets more anxious as you go brother and let me just tell you when they finally out of it and come out of their whatever their their martian phase yeah and they get into real life and they understand what's going on and hopefully they bring home a guy that you can really truly respect and admire and at somebody who matt is so anybody knows matt knows exactly what i'm talking about and it couldn't it just really for those two young people it's it's the beginning of a new life together and that's awesome so when we were talking last week about the jets and missing out on kirk cousins and going through all the scenarios in the draft and how there could be a bunch of teams that could be wanting quarterbacks before you got the six one of the things that i just was screaming about was they can't waste any time here because you can have the buffalo bills with all the assets that they have hop up against that pick from the cult maybe the giants are interested maybe the broncos wanna move up maybe the browns wanna move down you just don't know exactly how it's going to play out so guarantee yourself an opportunity to get one of the guys that you like and they did exactly that on saturday gave up a bunch i mean you're talking about three second round picks but at the same time the new york jets at this point are not messing around the most important position and now is the thing that they had to avoid they missed out on cousins they found a couple of stopgaps maybe they can get lightning in a bottle of bridgewater mccown will be there but they're taking a damn quarterback and now it's about getting the right one which is the hardest part of this well two things that i took out of this the trade happened right after the josh rosen ucla so he went to mike megan one to oklahoma saw baker mayfield and that was when baker mayfield said i just showed everybody i'm the best quarterback.

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