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In San Jose Guadalupe river beamers salmon, endangered steelhead rainbow trout, Roger can steal the salmon and steelhead restoration group. But he's concerned about pollution from electric scooters. He says he seemed people throw them in the river while others strip scooters for parts bird scooter employee. Antonio Ramirez, says Tennessee, the scooters homeless people will take on these scrambling for parks and try to get money for castio has one main request quit issuing these permit. But he's also asking for volunteers to help clean the river. Brian Clark ABC news Instagram is said to be tested feature. That would hide the number of likes on a post. The question is how many that affect the way social media determines who is considered an influencers. Here's ABC's Michelle Franson in the ever evolving world of Instagram more chain. Changes could be coming your way. The latest ideas being tested include a version that doesn't reveal the number of likes opposed gets to your followers. At least you still get to see how many likes tech crunch says Instagram confirmed it's just an internal test for now saying that they want the app to focus on what is shared not how many likes if it does. Go public users have also been known to let Instagram know whether or not they like the changes, Michelle Franson ABC news. This is ABC news. There's nothing like meeting face to face. And there's nothing like zoom to make that happen. Zoom connected. Do business across town or around the world. Zoom ties together all of your communication needs into one easy platform for videoconferencing phone calls through chat. Webinars.

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