Kellyanne, Prosecutor, Senator Flake discussed on State of the Union with Jake Tapper


Party being able to to back the story, which is not a refutation, but it's also not a corroboration lots of questions about when and where this would have happened. We know that the prosecutor the Republicans brought in Mitchell has said that she would not have enough to take this case to even get a search warrant. Do you disagree with that assessment as as a as a former prosecutor. I, I wanna make clear this isn't a criminal trial and that again, Kellyanne again that this wasn't a criminal trial. This is a job interview. And so many of us have already decided because of this nominees expansive view of presidential power that he doesn't belong on this court to be handpicked by a president who has continually undermined the FBI said he wants to fire the everyone from the attorney, general of the deputy attorney general that we have issues with pudding, someone bench with those views. And number of us voted said, we're going to vote against him. What this was about was the dignity of the court, the dignity of the Senate that we get to the bottom of facts. So I have not looked at the evidence and that way because I haven't been able to interview the witnesses that are there. But what I did find was a cheese seemed very compelling. She answered the questions with grace and dignity and all we wanna do, and this is why. Senator flake made what I considered a courageous move in standing up and saying, I can't stomach this anymore. This is beneath the dignity of this country. This is dividing the country, let's at least have an impartial fat minder and they better be impartial. I believe they can be the f. b. i. follow the evidence Senator you and the other Democrats on the Senate Judiciary committee signed a letter to President Trump this week describing Julius wet Knicks alligators. There were not allowed of questions..

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