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Hundred six three six eight six eight six if you're in southern california and you care about this sort of thing i know james kelly us we have one running at santa anita on friday radio silence is a horse there we own in a partnership with jamie roth who is a partner mine on a lot of horses and radio silence is with which baltas and he's gonna run down the hill for the first time it santa anita on friday now you're caught up our smoothies want to cover today lebrun congratulate himself on thirty k i've got my pick in the east it's not who you think it is tom brady and its recovery jam ease all star snubs in the nba i definitely want to give you my reaction to your reaction of at twenty one of the general podcast jay williams from espn and the former number two pick over on the nba draft was incredible it was amazing conversation right rome cycle your conversations were amazing you always say that you know why we say that because all those podcasts conversations are amazing that's the point of the podcast i don't want to say this one might be the best but i will say that a number of you've already hit me up saying this one is your best of course i didn't do anything this through a couple of lobs dj and he threw thrown down for me and one email as we go to break uh hey jim it's me tiger the core do you think you can do me a huge favour and pull that albuquerque dudes number off your phone and give it to me sounds like a good time warton duckie's sign tiger andy in charleston don't don't hyper rex go don't fall in line behind rex don't encourage rex or others like rex rex quote sorry sexy rexy in new maxi subbing us about that guy that's all wrong self gloss believe me rex none of us whatever gloss hugh sexy rexy in new maxi he did that to himself just like he got run something else he did who himself jim trotters coming up in about twenty minutes quick time out trust and phone calls next segment do you have goals for 2018 i know i do i also know that i.

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