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For ninety days it was not indefinite and again when when this happens we have these preconceived ideas and people but don't like trump immediately you is that and they suffer reading halfway through where they just read the headline a particular political the affiliated news sight except truck and then they attack and made use that rhetoric and they use that slogan the misleading information the literal propaganda in order to promote a political belief and to protected in some form of stockholm syndrome where they are so fear full and so ignorant of what they don't know what what they don't understand they claim to that system which makes them dependent upon the system that and that i think clyde really goes back to what the caller said earlier about global government i agree that we need to have global mindset but not one in which a few individuals with powerful ties to one another make all of the decisions in the same thing also goes right for when we talk we talk about the environment and i should take care of the what i probably made it sound like that i disagreed with that caller i didn't disagree with them i wanted to make is points right at but he didn't make it's you one of explanation i won an explanation what you're saying so i knew what did reply or what to say to him but he wanted to be the one who guided the conversation you want to be the one of what he said was the truth what he was saying was was close right when i was saying was wrong and i think you clarified it for him and i don't want to be think that i i was being mean i was just trying to figure out first off how do you define fashion is them are your person throws were fashion some around or you someone who know something about it you read the histories of fashion some do you know you know that it was when hitless factors in stalin scratches move so he's factors i'm francisco franco scratches i'm you know their their different fashion is throughout his st they we conceded a lot of it has to do with corporate has a lot of it has to do with the business mindset in the corporate vic the corporate us and we are coast to this type.

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