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That's and then we dance. Movie Dot Com. I mentioned that it's GonNa hit Chicago and other cities on the fourteenth those other cities these include L. A. in Seattle along with Chicago. DC in San Francisco on the twenty and a bunch more on the twenty eighth Portland San Diego Philly Baltimore early March. He'll get to Boston. Atlanta Minneapolis and more. We have listeners all over those cities so please keep an eye out for and then we danced. Hello Adam and Josh Sean. This is Henrik Hanssen calling from y'all Ding and can't I love Jeff Bridges. I'm hoping that some of his eighty movies get love like kiss me goodbye or Tucker man and his dream or jagged edge. But I've gotTA pump for the first emcee you villain over Diet Stone from I on man and yes I know in the third act it just becomes Rockland sock them robots but leading up to that. There's just such richness to his ability and no scene is better than the one where he was all the rage out on. Poor Peter Billingsley. Who was the kid and Christmas? The story actually when he tells them that. Tony Stark built this in a cave scraps. The scene is so good that they brought it back in Spiderman far from home and I was pleased to see it again. Thank you all very much of the show. We get to our top five jeff bridges his scenes now great stuff from Henrik Hanssen couple and odds to other jeff bridges performances including Tucker. Yes even kiss me goodbye and jagged edge with Glenn close those are movies that otherwise aren't gonNA come up on our less. I'm pretty sure and I don't think we're going to give any space to ironman either. Even though based on listener feedback Josh. We probably should have one of the most common responses from listeners. At least on twitter people saying Ovadia stone and that line I I guess it does speak to the quality of the MC you but that is a great moment even if I'm a little sour on that closing third that Henrik mention there's there's something fun about seeing bridges. Someone like bridges not only in a property like that. Yeah but really chewing his moment so I get it. I can see why people thought of it. But yeah wasn't wasn't in contention for my list. Okay no ironman on our list. Otherwise what did make your top five bridges scenes. Well I WANNA go back a little bit to what I was talking about in our star man review the sense of ease. He's that I feel like defines bridges and he has You know the presence he has in. You amended that a little bit which I wanted to follow. I think you are correct. Correct in that. What's interesting about bridges and his best character? Start there and then that eases disrupted okay and this is the crucial story that the character is gonNA find themselves in. It's either disrupted or it's shown to be falsely held or undeserved and then the character's journey starts there so we follow him from this point of just just being completely comfortable in his skin And sometimes these are characters we liken sometimes their characters we loathe and then scene where he goes from there So not all my picks have to do with that but it was a through line through many of them at number five. I am going with a scene from fearless and this is crashing the car so fearless from the Great Peter. We're the Australian director who also made dead poet's society and the Truman show. This is based on a novel by Raphael eglesias Bridges Stars as Max Klein architect. WHO's on a commercial flight? That goes down and during the crash. Klein has has max has this sort of its like a Zen cowl net comes over him. He starts comforting other passengers Then he comes away from this accident unscathed. Even though most most of the other passengers are killed or severely injured and in light of that he sort of believes that he's this invincible Guardian Angel. He Wanders about tempting fate walking looking into traffic tip toeing at the edge of of rooftops and he meets up with a few other fellow survivors and they debate their place in the universe and the existence of God. Now one of those I fellow survivors is Carla played by Rosie Perez and she's absolutely bereft because she was holding her infant son at the time of the crash in the impact caused her to lose her grip on him so my bridges seen from fearless involves the two of them. It's also one. That listener faith highlighted on twitter as well. She's at Glam watches. Che's at one point Karla Max car. Together she's hyperventilating just overcome again with with grief and guilt having a breakdown and Max has this maniacally inspired idea to demonstrate her. There's no way she could have maintained grip in that situation. His experiment have her hold this toolbox in her lap while he drives lives about forty miles per hour directly into a concrete wall. Spray to save your baby doc hold on your baby it. I love the scene because I don't really know how to feel about it or how to feel about bridges in it he again. Has that Zan unclarity in this this moment where he's just like this is what needs to happen. he's a higher he is so sure of himself But there there. Is that hint of mania. That's disturbing too and I like the skepticism to the call to prayer you here in that scene. It plays off of Carla's Catholicism. And this general spiritual undercurrent that's going throughout the entire film. I think bridge is one of the few actors who can hit all those conflicting notes. And this is what you were getting out when you're talking about starman still you'll have you on his side yeah right so And you know the that beat perfect use of youtube where the streets have. No name doesn't hurt. You know what. That's the one element of that scene. The I couldn't get past. You don't like it. I don't belong that song and I have to admit that watching it this weekend. It took me completely out of the scene thinking about about how it felt like. It was something that I would hear in a completely different film. Certainly a completely different moment. Not One is intense sense and borderline traumatic. Is that scene. I think it's the the thing with that sort of on so well known. Yeah bringing in a lot out of context and other associations but for me it's the propulsed -ness of it and and the key the guitar revving up as the car engine does and I was wondering wondering how they were going to end the music because the point in the song is like your way from the ending when they hit the wall but it does is kind of use a drum crash to work perfectly so yeah I thought it was a good element to it all right. Well I'm going to break all the rules here. I'm going to be like Jeff Bridges a rule breaker and I Going to go to my number four because it's just too good of a follow up to your over five and it's also from fearless. It's from one of the few scenes that come after this big crash scene that you just described and if I'm being totally honest it's not a moment where seen that is going to end up on his his lifetime. Achievement real that we will certainly all watch some day. It's just not maybe that big enough. It's not enough of a standout moment from his entire career but for me it's the most powerful moment in fearless and it's really all because of a single line reading by bridges and it's actually a single word. He's now in the hospital. And if you haven't seen fearless and don't want any spoilers at all then you probably shouldn't listen to this. But this is basically the end of the film the penultimate scene. Actually where now. He's in the hospital hospital recovering from his injuries. That were suffered in the accident. You talked about and Carla comes to visit him. And Basically Carla is there to say we need to stop having this relationship. Whatever this relationship is it's going to be better for him? And maybe for her if they go their separate ways and she tells him that you can't save everybody. You gotta try taking care of yourself. Say Goodbye Max. And of course he says goodbye. Why what do we have to say? Goodbye she says it has to be that way he says I don't WanNa say goodbye and her line is just just say it like it means nothing and this whole the movie and you just talked about one of the key scenes has been about the force and the power of simulated ACS dying in a plane crash coming to terms with your death and then you didn't actually die. You survived reenacting a crash scene while holding your baby except it's not your baby you're holding the idea that genuine catharsis income from for lack of a better word. These artificial moments and Max is always been the one who got that and now he's the one who has to understand it Carlos Kinda in a flip the tables a little bit and he knows that she's saying goodbye forever. He clearly doesn't want that and I kind of assumed in that moment that we were going to get from him what she she wants a goodbye to appease her but ultimately a woeful one and instead he performs perfectly he gives her a goodbye. That's like nick. Goodbye Carla. It's it's really just like that only much better because it's Jeff Bridges. It's a good by like you're hanging up the phone a friend who you know you're going to see in an hour or two and something about him being willing to play that game and to go through that moment even though it was fake I thought was quite profound rather than denying her her because it went against his feelings he did truly say it as if it meant nothing and this idea that you can maybe trick your brain in to closure is powerful powerful and it was certainly a powerful moment for me between these two characters. Yeah that that entire relationship with those two is just fascinating the different dynamics and it's unlike almost any other movie relationship you've seen man woman just has a lot of permutations to it and it's one of the strengths of the film for all right. My number four comes from the the Fisher King. And I'll just call it reacting to horrible news. I'm GonNa let Listener Marius vibe on twitter. He's at Zan man seventy five Set it up here. He says I remember the first time. Bridges really got to me. It's in the Fisher King. The scene when he realizes that what he said and did a terrible tragedy and that his life will never be the same again. Great performance from great actor integrate movie. I agree with Maria on all three counts. I love the Fisher King. It's one of Terry Gilliam's more reality based pictures pictures. I think and Bridges Plays Shock Jock here Jack. Lucas who's inflammatory. Comments are cited as inspiration by a mass shooter who has opened fire. You're on people in a restaurant before killing himself. Lucas learns of this while. The news is on television news. But it's how he learns it that is so revealing of his his character So Lucas's here's a bridges type. That's completely comfortable with himself right. He's so sure of his place in the world is the shock. JOCK and He's proud route of himself who he's become so he enters the room of his apartment. He comes into the room. Because here's the sound of his own voice on the television so it's like a siren moment. Only he's slowly himself into the room And we see Lucas face as he's watching his own face on the television screen and there's this sense of triumph on it You know yes I I should be talked about. It's a free press element but also like this is how important I am. Then the newscasts which is to report on the massacre and it begins to dawn on Lucas. What's happening bridges reacts without a word? Here it's all in the face.

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