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Be where was taking come right back with more jacob. You're you right back with more of alert show shonda rhimes grey's anatomy or any of my tv shows that you know. I love to tell a good story. Well now sean went audio. We've partnered iheartradio to launch a slate of great podcasts. You listen to the first four right now. Katie's crib permanente leah. Go ask allie and you down and we have so much more coming your way. We can't wait for you to hear all. Welcome to shawn land audio. Who's an all the new. Sean dillon shows on apple podcasts. On our show. Actually we are bad with jacob. Your we're talking about the election on this special edition of the baller show so you had a question now revealed that. He was a republican for most of his life and be Off a little bit. Okay because you to make a comment now saying that you feel that. The democratic party is allowing us to get in and let us positions that will allow us to make changes. Did you feel that way about the republican party. The whole time. We were supporting. You've been most kids vote based on their parents and my dad was a republican bright. Interestingly enough yes he was a republican is still is he's actually is. His father was was that created the black trump website. So he's still damn right is a very unique guy so you you get your mostly you get. Your political views acts bright. My mother wasn't a republican. she to pretty much. You know her own person right. My dad was right and so you know the things that he showed us he said you know. We have to be in a position of power and the republican party seems to be always in a position of our and you know they were good out money and they were good for this and for that and he sold me on this concept of the original republican party. Who you know. Free the slaves and the democrats for neither and blah blah blah. And i was i was ignorant right and so at the end the day time with buying i began to learn more and more i was like interesting. This is interesting. I began to become more independent right where it depends on who was i was shift but i just never saw anyone on the democratic ticket i could see of voting for and there's a big difference between republicans and trump trump trump trumpsters right. Trump's republican is a completely different republican party and the republican party that that inherited the tea party bothered me because the tea party popped up right as soon as a black man was elected and they claim to be a party of small government and low spending but george bush spent all this money and they didn't show up around. The time he was elected as Bama was there and by january before he even got inaugurated they will matter and so it and when the republican party said hey. I'm going to cuff these people and bring them into the party. I took a sensitive is black. Thing is out of black man ups. That's what i i like. Everything else comes. After back in the day when i saw them. I we- obviously knew when when tea party popped up in two thousand eight that they were they were a bunch of people that were very unhappy with how tan america was getting dark. America was getting mad. A problem with all these. You know dark kids on tv commercials. They were like wait. They're gonna take again. Y'all wouldn't replace us right. They're gonna take over this country and they popped up soon as a black president. And i when i saw the republican party. Welcome here i. So i can't be a part of this. You gotta tell me. You're not that i can't be part of party. That's co citing people that have a problem with the country getting dark or getting browner or us having right so us becoming president lesson moving out of a lower class. I can't be a part of a party. That will will will adapt these people for power right and so two that i've never. I looked at the republican party and began to change like a lot of things. Because again i believe in you know you know a certain conservative values right which benefited. It's us right. But i don't believe in this. This liberal concept of abolishing the electoral votes. Like i don't believe in the electoral college right back. Something that the conservatives do not agree with that. I don't agree with eating right. Because i think that's dangerous for black people to abolish. The electoral college is right because if we had a balanced electoral politics three years ago we would not have been the deciding factor in joe biden and kamala harris being elected right because ultimately be based on a popular vote. And obviously we're twelve to fourteen percent of the population. We can never get right so they were snapping us one way or the other and so i. With the philosophy of abolishing the electoral college invested mistake. I think that at that point presidents wouldn't care if they got the black vote. You don't you don't get you know trump trying to pass laws or by. They don't care about the black because we will not change the electric trust me. We made a difference in detroit we made by in philadelphia. We made a difference in georgia in atlanta atlanta. Came in savannah came in. We made a difference and they charged to us speaking of georgia. We're currently doing a recount by hand. Right now here's the thing listens rosberg. Who was the secretary of state who would be one of in all of this. Right is a republican. He said we will certify the votes first. And then we will recap so. This is just to appease trump's ego happen is we're gonna go from fourteen thousand six hundred volts to probably seventeen thousand votes in favor of joe biden but substance Tactic this this is trump stall tactic. Just maybe in the baby. December eighth is the deadline to certify all votes in all states correct. Yes yes. I just want to remind everybody about the runoff election in georgia. I'm sorry if you eight turning by said but yes you can stop yes you he inserts a vote is january fifth. Early voting starts december fourteenth. Gop incumbent senator. David purdue is defending his seat. Against jon ossoff reverend. Warfield worn get challenges. Kelly laughlin in the georgia's special election. Let's finish both of those. People are trumpers republicans. But they're trumpers. Finish them all by getting rid of purdue us get away with us now kelly. And let's give joe biden and kamala harris and you know the legislative branch a chance to see what they're willing to do because guess what if they don't do what we want them to do. There's always twenty twenty. Two twenty two week could take him out Right and replaced so let's give him a chance to see what they can pull off and see if we get some of the things we fought for and what we voted for. You know you're talking about seventy nine million. People voted for joe body right. So that's record numbers right. We wanted a true change from trumpism. We wanted to see certain things to happen and again the only way to do that is to give. The democrats are chance to lease. Pass some lots without being obstructed by the republicans. And so that's my opinion. And i don't have to agree with every candidate i have but i would look at people and say this makes sense and this doesn't make sense and to give divided..

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