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Accused of wrongly firing an elementary school teacher who spoke to a special grand investigating the school system's overall handling of sexual assault accusations WTOP's Neil Augenstein was in the courtroom yesterday here in Loudon County Circuit Court jurors heard from the principal of the elementary school where Aaron Brooks taught Scott Ziegler's charge with two misdemeanors for retaliating against the teacher for testifying before the special grand jury it was the principal Ackee Diane who sent a letter to Ziegler recommending that Brooks's contract not be renewed the principal said the ten -year -old nonverbal autistic boy who grabbed Brooks had no sexual intent and Brooks ignored the written behavior intervention plan to help with the boy's behavior the judge said it's likely closing arguments will be Thursday in Leesburg Phil Ockenstein, WTRP News. More deadly violence in the district five people were shot last night in northeast police cruisers blocking streets crime scene tape still in place here near 14th and Saratoga in Northeast after a late -night shooting that left two men dead and three others wounded acting DC police chief Pamela Smith says this is a crew on crew shooting and people who live in the neighborhood are key to an arrest my suggestion and my recommendation is that some of these folks know who they are come to us let us know and so that we can really help them in this case so they say three people fled from the scene and they have a description of the vehicle DC is over 200 murders so far this year in Northeast the manhunt for the alleged killer of tech EO Pavla pair is over and the suspect is in police custody Jason Billingsley has been

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