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Involved in the twenty fourteen death of Eric garner commissioner James o'neil says actions have consequences and the use of a chokehold was out of bounds the unintended consequence of Mr garner's death must have a consequence of its own therefore I agree with the deputy commissioner of trials legal findings and recommendations this clear that Daniel Pantaleo can no longer effectively service in New York City police officer officer Daniel Pantaleo has been terminated effective immediately PGA unease shares plunged after a judge ruled that a jury can determine whether it should pay as much as eighteen billion dollars in damages to wild fire victims a US bankruptcy judge lifted a freeze of lawsuits tied to the twenty seventeen tubs fire the movie opens the door for victims pursuing claims against PGA any to start preparing for trial in a separate ruling the judge sided with the utility and rejected requests from two groups and creditors who wanted to propose their own ways to restructure the company we are getting word that there may be some activity on the bay bridge involving a pedestrian in the lines of we have our very own KGO is Andrew stern on the live line apparently what are you stuck in that the backlog Andrew yeah there's a bit of a traffic jam here there is a a bunch of trucks so called over and that gentleman is on the edge of the the breach before the island yeah he is not threatening to jump and it looks like the some of the truckers and other motorists were trying to talk him down wow our our officers on scene at this time no officers were not on the scene yet this was just people pulled over to the right hand shoulder trying to reason with the man to keep okay and how long did it take you to get to where your plan at the angel island there the I. it took about I don't know Jeanne minutes from the from the mid point to the the the for the island okay well that's not too bad we seem to be seen a lot worse but that could get bad very quickly our thanks to KGO is Andrew stern he's stuck in the mass there as a by standards and passers by try to talk a man from the ledge of the bay bridge in a may lead to some more delays will check in with cagey as mark me other next on KGO a tax remember when going for a walk around the block was easy and pain free future you is ready to feel like that again our orthopedic experts at dignity.

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