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Okay kevin for the grand prize of one million dollars what color is no white house i know this is this i know his own five seconds oh switching to gaiko could save you bunch of money on car insurance okay judges that's true kevin keegan's geico because saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance is always a great answer tomorrow is the pivotal game five stanley cup final predators mike predators against the penguins tomorrow night eight eastern on nbc what's the whole question today declutter for a tony reallocate the host of around the horn we haven't decided on one the leader in the clubhouse is tonight a mustwin situation the cleveland cavaliers or are you allowed to say that as a sports fan or is it too stupid of a question is tonight a must mustwin now is a new worthy in for ex yeah area yet what will get you muted on the word elite uh goalie standing on his head at this point specially with a lot of the panel's i throw out they're not a of coverage of hockey uh from my panel will be in on the greater a spear that were on so that happened yesterday to kait fagan add some there was some static coming back from that not from kate kate would never give me static but from some people how could you possibly uber for rigging manoevres effort that one hundred ninety seven times so so that's out there right now narrative.

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