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I'm ryan kaufman with your extra sports update scorched fla dummy andrew boe dish instead of hiring a new football coach john curry needs the job himself tennessee reportedly firing its athletic director after just eight months on the job after a week during which he bungled the hiring of greeks xiang and then couldn't convince anyone else to coach balls football former head coach phil former has reportedly been working against curry behind the scenes in hopes of becoming a de himself and then there's all miss football vacant outplay postseason next year either they're losing thirteen more scholarships and every coach involved in the violations under former coach you freeze receives a show cause penalty from the nc aa freezes for one year he gets a twogame suspension on top of that they probably need to we now have a shot at the postseason but at least they have a shot cowboys tight end jc whip realistic after last night's thirty eight fourteen knockdown of washington on thursday night football we know are margins very very tight emirates when victim wednesday could end in all but now control what we can control but understand where we're at the cowboys were sixty six now after snapping their threegame skid they scored sixteen more points last night that they did total in those three losses the yankees you're done the interviewing managerial candidates gm brian cashman will soon make a recommendation to ownership after meeting with six men including air and booed and carlos beltran tiger woods back on the course round two of the hero world challenge in the bahamas tiger starting round two with a birdie to get to four under and these seattle sounders return of the mls title game advancing past the houston dynamo five nothing on aggregate ciano tries to beat toronto for the second straight year i mean chubut funny smart sometimes little meanspirited we do.

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