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And I just I don't know. I could see them wanting to just go a different direction in the secondary. And kind of get new players in there. And I could see him finding his way out of there once that rookie contracts up or I guess they just gave. An extension excuse me. So I mean, they. Yeah. I I don't know. I think that's what it comes down to just don't feel comfortable saying that like two years from now he's going to still be on this roster and be a starter. So it pushes it down. It's very close for me. But you know, I think that's where I land. I probably lean more towards putting him in tier two. But I think ultimately, you're exactly right. We have to go with the production on the field. And by and large. He is. He's like the I think he's the player that everyone thinks Marcel harasses where he's actually he's actually played well for stretches and he has made a couple of phenomenal highlight reel plays. I mean there's interception against hander. Wasn't saying. It's amazing. Right. So he can do things like that. But I think that those are the hopes, and you hope that he's that player all the time. But he hasn't been that player all the time. I mean, we think early this year before he got injured he was playing out of position in the run game. He was a little lateness run fits. And then he is a player that was. Was intended to be near the front of the line. Right. He's Kam chancellor, and that's not the role that he was playing and he got a little better as the year went on. But then he got injured and that seems to be the consistent story with him. So I feel like he is if you're looking at a player that you think is actually Marshall it's Jakubowski tart, which is why he's into your three. And it's just I mean, the durability is such a big thing. Right. We we've learned this with many players time. But I think Jimmy ward is a very recent example of like at some point you have to be available in it doesn't matter. How talented you are. And what your potential is. If you're not on the field in available for your team. Then in some of that stuff, you know, is freak injuries that you know, you hate to throw like injury prone labels on guys. But you gotta be available. Right. You you have to be on the field and able to produce for your team. And he just hasn't been able to do that consistently. So far the other player in this category is or in this is Eric Armstead now..

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