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It's going to be a long season. It's time to look it up. This is very true very true. And I'm excited for this off season to get started and we'll have shows here coming up especially when the new season season is underway. And all these moves are starting to be made is going to be an interesting off season But look hats off to the Kansas City chiefs. You know the entire organization Andy. Reid obviously deserving Patrick mahomes deserving Eric Fisher that whole offensive line Chavis Kelsey that defense. Frank Clark the honey badger all these guys all these guys deserve this moment top to bottom classy organization. Vh I mean Mark Donovan Clark. Hunt Lamar you know the Mars on cloud nine. God rest his soul from top to bottom normal hunt. You know the Queen of the Super Bowl. It's it's just been amazing ride and it's just started Kansas City and Hey Chris I I gotta ask you you know. There's some awesome antics. You you know we had the we had the Lombardi trophy presentation which was amazing seeing coach up there you know. Obviously Kelsey did his thing and mahomes raising the trophy honey. Badger had his moment. Then they move on to you know the the absorb the parade and it just you know from start to finish of the celebration. I mean the roof was taken off. Everybody was having a blast. Ask some of the most iconic things ever happened during the parade and Kansas City. And I'll tell you what Patrick mahomes can party like chance but Chris. Let's talk about the excitement and the celebration after the game when the when the clock hits zero and everybody knew that you could never change this. This was history written in stone forever. The Kansas City chiefs are winners of Super Bowl. Fifty four Chris Web feelings. Tell me how you how are you you handling yourself. You Know I. I handle myself better than I thought. I was. Going to Eh Rule. Wash Party. That I was.

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