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State of the Union address tomorrow night. And that means a temporary fence is now set up once again around the U.S. capitol. Here on first street morning joggers are running around the 8 foot tall fence that completely surrounds U.S. capitol grounds. You can see area closed and police do not cross signs every couple of feet while there is no specific threat capital please say they are increasing security measures after the targeting of politicians and police organizations in recent months. The president's Tuesday State of the Union address will be the second of his term, and just like this year, fencing was erected last march for the event. At the capitol, Luke Luger WTO P news. And expect some road closures around the capitol starting tomorrow morning. Read about them before you have to hear about them here by going to WTO P dot com. You can see how it might impact your commute tomorrow. Should President Biden run for another term? Will a majority of Democrats are saying no. A new AP NORC poll shows that just 37% of Democrats want mister Biden to seek a second term. In many Democrats are expressing little to no confidence in the president's ability to manage government spending accomplish major policy goals and work with Republicans in Congress. The poll of more than a thousand Americans was taken late last month with the margin of error of four and a half percent. An update on the Friday night train derailment in east palestin, Ohio, Ohio governor Mike dewine says they controlled release of vinyl chloride will take place this afternoon at three 30. The idea is to reduce the threat of an explosion. Residents near the site have been ordered to evacuate because of the risk of death or serious injury, officials believe that most, if not all have already left. Now coming up after traffic and weather, what are colleague Neil Augustine is learning during his fight against lung cancer. It's one 36. Looking to launch or take the next step in your career, melwood is searching for talented and eager individuals in the Washington D.C. area to fill a wide variety of positions at federal government agencies, including administrative assistance, landscaping

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