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PC the vote for impeachment was held passed along mostly party lines bringing in the impeachment inquiry from behind closed doors and into the lights of public hearings those public hearings beginning of course next week but a lot has changed in the ensuing there in the intervening time and of course we turn to Dr route to help untangle an arm we've the complex cities of the impeachment process the focus of this week's edition over into the matter this is the will to the matter you're listening to Saturday night on the circle and I'm your host even Hatcher joined by Dr David professor of political science at the university of Indianapolis okay so impeachment it's still been proceeding behind closed doors for the time being but of course it's going to be put into public at the beginning of next week Republicans had the deadline to submit their requests for subpoenas by Friday to Adam shift and and that's what they did so be it tells about impeachment Dr what's been going on well like you said the a public hearings are going to start next week and I'll be two on Wednesday with bill Taylor and George can't then one on Friday with Marie yeah yeah I don't it's hard to say yet your fault never mind and she has testified behind closed doors all the testimony so far has been behind closed doors the Democrats did release or have released about twenty seven hundred pages of that particularly from Fiona hill and Alexander van man who testified and what they're getting to on that is that prior to the July twenty fifth phone call there was a meeting between the U. at between US officials and Ukrainian officials where it was said that if you cream wanted a meeting with trump then they had to supply the investigation this is the moving of the goal post that's about the most significant thing that has come out of the transcripts from the closed door hearings as we move forward what we're going to get is more testimony next week and the idea that the Republicans can subpoena witnesses who they want to which they want to subpoena hunter Biden they want to subpoena the whistle blower they want to subpoenas congressman chef to see what his involvement with the whistle blower perhaps could have been but the problem with that is is shift as the chairman of the intelligence committee ultimately makes the decision on whether or not these subpoenas can be granted and if he says no which likely he will the Republicans can appeal that but it the appeal goes to the entire committee and of course the committee has a democratic majority so effectively house much of the Republican subpoena powers are going to be and this is why it's important to win elections because when you win elections you have control over the process for very important things like impeachment proceedings yeah you do but again but you know the Democrats aren't the only ones to have won these elections the Republicans won the elections in the Senate which is where this goes if the Democrats in the house do in fact impeach trump that's not the end of the story it goes then to the to the Senate and the Senate will hold the trial with the Chief Justice will be the the presiding officer for and in order to convict and removed from from office you have to flip twenty Republican senators that's just almost impossible to happen now we've what about before the notion that within this impeachment inquiry Democrats to a certain extent have backed themselves into a corner because they have to proceed they have to take the vote they've already taken the first steps to do that with the inquiry not of course an official impeachment vote but that's coming within a matter of time and in fact CNN has hinted that impeachment may be likely some time as likely as sometime soon as around Christmas yeah okay now Democrats have backed themselves into a corner in the sense that they now have to move forward with it and either have to go through with a slow drip process to keep it at the forefront of the voters minds until the election next November or if they're moving forward with a very quickly as it as is the case with a potential impeachment vote by December then it seems to me that the strategy would be to go ahead and take their licks because they know they don't have the if they don't they know they don't have impeachment secured take their licks now and hope that the voters completely forget by the time election rolls around next the member as voters are off what want to do yeah I mean it's it's still a year out from the election so that that's quite a long time to forget the time line is interesting it's hard to say whether or not they're going to go slow or fast I the one thing that I don't know that anybody talk about not you want for them on C. N. N. if you go to C. N. N.'s website they are like impeachment headquarters like half of the front page is all impeachment stories well don't forget we covered that the project veritas audio that was dropped for hat tricks when they revealed that CNN is essentially a partisan institution run by the president who has a personal vendetta against the president yes I think that's precisely what I was getting back to but then also one of the reasons I think the Democrats are going for this too is because remember they have no argument on the economy and economies are generally what decide elections particularly presidential elections and so if they can dangle or a hang this little shiny object out with their left hand Dan say low Tate tension of that don't pay attention to what's in our right and the right hand because when the right hand is trumps economic argument and so I wonder if this is partly to just distract voters from how well the economy is doing and if that's the case I could see a drip drip drip strategy be eight playing into Democrats favor because once the impeachment is completely over and more than likely the Senate has exonerated or acquitted trump he's going to turn the impeachment inquiry against the Democrats and he's going to say and guess what the economy yeah it's blooming alternatively if Democrats move quickly they can then blame the stonewalling of the state Senate on partisan on the part on a partisan process so they could then you know kind of set up the argument that they weren't able to go through with impeachment because of its obstruction from the Republicans which is a narrative that of course they have tried to advance already he had except for the whole lake with scratch your head again the subpoena thing with the congressman ship yeah me so you know there's strategies for both sides another thing I wonder too with the Republicans is if they don't get their witnesses in front of Congress might invade then we roll them all out in the Senate and essentially you're going to have a dule partisan impeachment process where it all Democrats on the prosecution side in the house and the and the filing and it's all defense for trump in the trial phase in the Senate so I mean you know that that's one thing to think about too one of the witnesses that it seems to be pining for attention yeah former National Security Council director John Bolton subpoena me subpoena me want to sing like a bird yeah that appears to be what he's saying now his subpoena gets caught up in court right now because they're asking the judges whether or not because his material probably has to do with national security and foreign affairs which generally is top notch grounds for presidential executive immunity but he says that he's got information that hasn't been talked about yet he's got you know quote unquote news stories new stuff to tell and he but at the same time as a neo con unitary president kind of guy it doesn't make a lot of sense philosophically that he would want to go after trump here so maybe it's something personal I'm not yeah that's what I'm betting because look as it stands politics makes resume extremely strange bedfellows and when you're dealing with former national security director John Bolton you're dealing with a man who has a personal vendetta at stake here he's got you know a a a little bit he's playing in the guy's got some skin in the game yeah that's why he got canned from the White House that's the idiom I was searching for so yeah he's got a reason to be peeved at trial and it's not like he's going for any other kind of elected office in the in the near term future so partnering with Democrats may be his next move perhaps but yeah you're right you know he he is begging basically to have his subpoena honored so that he can come and testify especially now that it's going to be public before the house intelligence committee well it's going to be interesting to see where this goes especially next week as the impeachment proceedings are brought into the public and as the cameras get flipped on hopefully we'll be getting some more I don't know something more productive out of it than what's coming to come about so far so because so far it seems like it's just been a process to distract from the presidency more than it's been a process to actually advance an initiative to derail it what do you think they are going to impeach trump I think they're in the house I think that's that that's almost four gone by most speculation yeah that background conclusion accord about speculate so he will become the if that happens he will become the third president who was impeached but then again just remember that does not mean he's removed from office that becomes the Senate's jurisdiction right in the center it's unlikely to follow through so whatever we will obviously be following this story as it continues to develop and hopefully you know Hey we were there may be an end to it by Christmas so one can only hope what would that be a Christmas present yes you're listening to Saturday night on the circle stay tuned more to come go tell you about an Australian man they got an instant dose of karma the good kind and I think at this store is going to put a smile on your face so stay tuned for that twenty twenty twenty twenty twenty twenty election a moderate candidates to be dealt from to be very smart about running a selection.

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