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Listening to Cookman has a podcast Kirk Minna Hain who is apparently a derelict of some kind kirk no one more controversial right now on the sports talk world. I'm talking about current media. Hang kind of you yes well. He is white hot right now as say something about Kirkman hand because I like him. Kirk is like sports genius who everyone he's fucking. I'm learning. Is there any. Is there any by Mike internship what's going on. I so I see I I see intern and stuff all the time so you've you've narrowed down to two people that seem like they could hang in this community here. Okay great this group of threes vetting them great Gav what it takes Steve would really put them through boot camp. I've not heard from Steve all week. I don't think you yes are you have Oh. You're the Steve Whisper what's going on. I don't know and some idea Oh. I don't think he'd like what what is it. I don't even really whispering well. Did you get that method as well. Maybe say it I don't I don't even remember what what it was something nothing like something to do with trump and it had to do with him being Italy I duNNo. It was very confusing to me. I was just like that. Sounds good. I don't know is like Steve asking Italians about trump or something no no no. I don't think it was anything like that when we pull up I didn't know rush fucking where you don't worry yeah. I didn't realize this would come up. I'm sorry but yeah I it was not not one of his best ideas but actually might have been terrible. What's the people have been saying Dave? Just find the fucking email shut up. find the fuck trying like Bam the worst dampers I've ever seen it's fine the guy I'm going. I mean he knows you get it takes me. That's true yeah. It's fair. I could watch you with that thing in the face all day. Good hold on. I barely cares overthrow way to get to something else about Steve. I was just moving. Why don't you make me do that thing difficult? I didn't want to do it Jesus so he wrote trump guy sues Gizmodo and ends up admitting knitting to hiring many hookers and having multiple missed even listening to the show. Oh Yeah what's that guy. What was that Dude's name yeah? You know what I'm talking about him on <hes> he didn't confused just sent the article about I don't know I wonder what Steve Thinks of the show. I want to read this whole thread really bad shitting there for we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA say about Dave Michael. You're slowing people people forgotten who steve is same data doing a great you. I'm not seeing a lot of that. I saw people criticizing the Audio Dave. Oh who criticized the personal twitter of course you jumped on them right away that was for serious by the way that they turned volume down. I'm just saying people's no people mike was much louder. Oh yeah someone did I did fuck up admitted to a fuck up yesterday again. What did you do? I shoulda taped your interview with Willie yesterday video video yeah yeah I mean I don't care care honestly like I put that in in the in the blog about battling with those panel with big Willie Large Right. I fought back those guys so we did yesterday. Got Lottery spots to of course this is how it works. Everybody who's my twitter follow says you know awesome. You kicked his ass everybody on his twitter followers. I'm sure probably said you know whatever I heard much unanimously on your side really Jeez. I don't know what big Willie's he's GonNa do about the high dug in the weeds a little bit. I didn't see much for him the largest words after <hes>. They hung up with you oh he did oh. What did he have to say? It wasn't about like wasn't blogging like he didn't his old job and he was talking about drugging women was he wasn't that was it. I know okay okay. That's strange. That's funny tweet..

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