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Go before you vote let mike in st clear something up mostly clear overnight saturday bring scattered showers i'm stan lear here's what's trending this hour with former state representative mike brown pursuing a republican senate nomination is brother steve is running for the us house seat left open by one of mike's opponents eric berman reports lebron's of the far from the first siblings to serve together in congress the very first congress included two brothers from pennsylvania california's linden loretta sanchez served in the house together from two thousand two until the red lost a senate race in two thousand sixteen eric berman ninetythree wibc mobile knew a man selling a drone arranged a meeting with a buyer online and that buyer shot and killed him that's lawrence police describe it the shooter is in custody he was quickly arrested and officer nearby heard the gunshot while other cities turned violent bobby kennedy speech fifty years ago next week helped maintain calm in indianapolis but retired indianapolis pastor thomas brown says black and white leaders were already working push racism aside and indie state under the radar so we didn't have the kind of media that you all got now you know i would say that they had been organizing there had been more sitting down at organizing how to remove the racist barrios his father was with kennedy on the night of that speech april fourth nineteen sixty eight hear the full interview with reverend brown saturday afternoon at one thirty with ninety three wbz's abdul hakim sheba's i'm staying lear on the level on the go on twitter at ninety three wibc.

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