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Sidebar. It's on youtube back in the day. Hbo used to show tape. Productions of live plays There's a version of barefoot in the park with richard. Thomas am bess armstrong. That is brilliant. It's brilliant and i love the whole. The whole cast is wonderful and i always felt bad for the telephone operator. Who only like two minutes. I watched it last year. Through the telephone operator is grandma. Oh get out. We talk for a second about his his outfit for when he's sleeping in the bed. Okay okay okay. He looks hot. I'm sorry it's kind of mesh t shirt on like what is their french. They're well gonna they're belgian they'll go they'll go biz lingerie we invented. I mean he specifically corrects peter. Falk time french. Because i always forget this but poirot is belgian which is also line and even under the. Yeah a little fast goes out. You've shown the gandhi bell to deliver your stash the nc sloppy. You know they were doing it you know. They were because i was like come on. He's not laying in that bad like in the mesh underwear like by accident. What you're dream to sleep issue even a car you fill will deliver ones that you were to pay raging And didn't know that you knew so familiar. No turbie to get his whole bear with the to pay. James coco doesn't want to find out that he wears a toupee. Why even though everybody else knows. Why is he so concerned by disturbing. But it turns out that marcel already knows. It's the to pay and not only he. No he thinks it's terrible to pay and he's never said anything why because they both love each other. It's like the gift of the giants adorable. Plus last servant. He's a servants serving. Wouldn't be eaten at the table with everybody else. He must be a special kind of serving. Okay you know what. That's how that's the way. That's why he has that. Steel rib hip or whatever. I mean there has the it has to be implied. That's to me it. it doesn't feel like otherwise it would. It wouldn't happen. You know what. I mean for a movie where a lot of quote unquote frivolous things are going on. There's it's pretty trim in terms of like the fat on the bone here. Well you have to do this stuff with laser precision otherwise it's just a free for all. Yeah always mess. It feels like cacophony like airplane. It feels a cacophony but that is done with laser precision. Yeah yes people don't like this. Is the thing when actress talk about like. Oh comedy is harder to do than drama like they. I think they're specifically talking about those types of things where it's like it's gotta be precise it's got to be specific and it has to be. It has to be quick and not. Everybody has that ability to do that. I know because it's not just about your intentions or your emotions or whatever acting had to bring the scene but there's also timing rhythm tone. Does that language of comedy. I was talking about. You have to know what words to hit in the words to hit this science and psychology behind it. It's it's very complicated. There's so many as you have to factor in at that. You either have it or you don't yes and the thing you were saying was that it's a character driven story so if you don't if you're not a character then there really isn't a place for you in it you know. So yeah i. It's just walking away from it of like god. this is really just. This should be held up as like a scene study in terms of like how to do comedy because everyone is doing amazing. Comedic work amazing work. I said this the scene where james. Her bensimon is first meets. The cook in the kitchen is brilliantly stupid because he's blind and she's deaf mute. Yes yes yes. Which and such a bummer. That all these teams are my favorite scenes in the movie with alec baldwin alec baldwin alleghenies and the main depend on visuals. So i can't play the audio all right. I'm gonna take a sidebar. I'm learning from listeners. And from a lot of other people that the younger folk don't like this movie. Oh okay it's offensive offensive offensive offensive. Not funny all right and clues better. Okay so i mean. I knew we were going to get to the clue comparison eventually but i mean this movie walked so clue could run. Yes exactly yeah to quote my murphy. From dan lewis and macos is wise thing sometimes and i write them down. I mean she's absolutely right like this is. I don't think clue would have happened if this hadn't happened because this was actually. This was a hit. This was successful. This moving ahead. Peter sellars didn't think so right. Peter sellars didn't think the movie was funding all and he thought it was going to bomb. Yeah i read that online as well by the tiny to another episode that you were on kristen. Peter sellars was at this time mary to brooklyn. Oh really from the wicker man. That dude man. I wasn't there a tv movie about him. And all of his like conquest. I don't know. I feel like geoffrey rush played him in this. Tv that happening. It makes sense. Go back and rewatch being there. Because i saw it when i was a kid. I didn't get it and i remember. That was a really poignant unusual film for him like he was up for an oscar for it was one of his last films. I think it was his last weekend at. I brought the conversation to a stop. No i i haven't heard of it but he's i mean because it wasn't his entire career mostly consumed by all of us pink panther movies and people were always tone to them. Yeah he did other stuff as well. I mean he did. Charlie chan carson dragon queen. Which was michelle. I was gonna say buckman. That's not right. Michelle pfeiffer agrees to huge box office bomb on. Hbo three hundred times a day. I'm always you can always milan. Hbo to have like some of the worst movie. I remember nothing. Is that when somebody was taking drink orders michelle pfeiffer like i'll have shirley temple straight up that's all i remember about the movie that's it that's it okay. So the clue comparisons. I think are inevitable mostly because it i mean there is a lot that is similar in that. It's a murder mystery. That is old dark house movie. Yeah it's self contained and you know it's a.

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