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Could always use more infant. Would you like to know more as I say my channel more research is needed. Just across the board. All right. Well, we've reached that point of the show where. Trace. Let us know more about your channel. Science videos every idea at least one series a month. Each series is between three and five video. So you'll get a lot of stuff in a really compact space release them over about a week. So you can learn a lot I. usually try and interview people highly recommend since we're talking about the the brain engineer on Charlene Lethal and Jessica were all amazing neuro engineers from across the country who talked to me for that, and you can find it at YouTube dot com slash traits Dominquez. Or Trace Dominguez anywhere on the Internet. Awesome include links of course, in a all the places where the podcast is posted need you description as well short anything you WANNA. Give a shout out to this week I'm up to my usual shenanigans but I think on a Twenty third for the Commonwealth Club I'm. Talking to Michael Ian Black from the state and like Stella and you know a million different things he has a book out about Fatherhood his his son is going off to college has a lot of reflections on experienced I'm excited about that. Very. Cool. Awesome and of course, next week. WE'LL BE FOLLOWING Connect and announcements hopefully coming out of there and Germany will be back for that discussion afterwards. Thank you so much trace for joining us this week. Thank you all there for listening. Thank you folks who were creating a new intro pieces for us if you want to set. Great One. Always happy to accept them. We'll put them into our Cuban, play them if you up so you can always just twitter. Upload soundcloud foul or email them to me Norman at tested dot com same with our altro throws this. This most re one is critical by user great job as always I've not listened to it. So let's enjoy it for the very first time. Together. Onto the beach. Long. Walked discount coupons at lawns. Drugstores. Santa Cruz beat four and walk. In the War California said Lord Joaqu I don't know what that is. You guys do that. All you want. Those things has tick well done. Great job. Great job. and. If you don't know what that is, look it up the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk will be. We'll go back. Or? Has Week. Next door..

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