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More flow in this game. Despite powerplays in penalty kill situations. What was working for you? And how are you able to create a lot more offensive production? And I I mean, I think everyone was working as five tonight. You know, it wasn't a scramble as the last three games. You know, obviously, the last two games were a little rough for us. But I think that we've been we've been learning it's been a learning process. These last couple of games. So I think everyone kind of. And it was working as five tonight. Well, Andy congratulations on the victory and good luck the camp. Okay. Thanks a lot. Appreciate you guys. That was Andy Andrea from the locker room so following up on what he was saying what I was interesting coming out of the break. The fact gliding at a younger roster against a more veteran lead in national roster. Impressive Delaney rib to do what they did. And and not only win the game. But the way they want it, you know, right here using their speed getting pucks to the net. And even though they got our chat. I think a lot of that was due to the special teams. And how that unfolded. They really took it to Nashville at points in this game. Yeah, they did. And you know, even though the first couple games in the preseason didn't go their way. I think they learned and took a lot from that. I know mckell surrogate chef said this morning that he was really proud of their team's effort in that second game in Carolina a lot of similar players from that game played in tonight as played tonight as well. And they did a nice job. They were finding open ice they were working together as a five menu. As Andy Andrea off said, and they did a much better job at breaking the puck up the. The ice and getting some zone entries as well. Getting the puck through to the net, which is something they really struggled with against Carolina. And when you get a couple of goals early on the way they did. And you're rewarded for for your hard work that can give you some confidence and confidence. Obviously for these young players is a big thing, and it can get you a lot going forward. I mean, we saw a lot of their goals as you pointed out Dave to came from just crashing the net. Working hard driving to the net, really hard, and it paid off for Boris ca Chuck Adams, Ernie tight as well. And they just did a nice job collectively as a whole finding that team game to create offense kailua hazard three stars. They brought to you by spectrum who've you got from third star. I have Andy Andrea who we just heard from the Gordie Howe hat trick. And he had a really really solid game. I thought especially for having three games in four days. That's top on the legs. He and machine. The only two players to have played in all three preseason games. So far in you know, he's working. He's trying to earn a spot. He knows it's up for the taking it. But it's everybody's game right now. Adam Ernie Gabe. Brielle Dumont, Corey conquer all battling to kind of stay maybe in that fourth line on either wing in tonight. He did a nice job at responding to the adversity of of maybe having some sore legs. And did a really nice job. Overall. Second star, Louis demean. I'm sure he's got to be pretty happy. Maybe have some confidence under his belt making thirty eight saves. I mean he had times during this game where he was playing with offense stick where he was playing with. No stick and still able to make some big saves especially along the goal line on the power play when they had Forsberg looking to go in on him without a sick. He did a tremendous job scrambled. He was playing the puck. He was getting used to it. And I think he'll be pretty happy with his performance, and and just continue to get some confidence going forward and last but not least Adam Ernie. That are really nice job. That's my first star. Dave. And he did a great job. I mean, he knows he had a big off season. He didn't do so much rehab is he said just staying away from the injury. But he switched trainers. Switch things up a little bit skated a little bit more. Than you. Normally would and said this is the best felt all off season. And it kind of paid off now in this third preseason game for him. He just seemed to be in the right place at the right time all game today. Kind of coming in late in the own and another players looking for him in that high slot. And he did a nice job finished and executed the way he needed to. Well, Kelly was a lot of fun. Not only to see the lightning place. All but also to work with you. Again, we have one more this preseason. That's the final game of the preseason week from tomorrow and sunrise, but I know you're going to be busy and working hard these next three. So enjoy it off radio. And then we'll welcome you back for the game in sunrise on the twenty ninth. Yeah. Thanks, dave. I'm looking forward to it. That'll do it for us. We're going to head downstairs and head back to the airport and get ready for tomorrow night's game from Amalie arena. Thanks to everyone involved in tonight's broadcasting region. Sit alongside is here in Nashville Morgan lashed back in the Laney radio network studios for Greg Llanelli and Kelly Kelly us, this is Dave Mishkin saying so long from Nashville final score. Tonight in preseason action. It was the lightning five in the predators. One. Good. I everybody. Are.

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