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Yeah so yeah so mental ill i would i would say the socio pathy is mental illness numbs so he's he's really saying that his mental illness is the reason why i didn't put he made this i thought it was an excuse i wanted to shut the hell up personally i don't think that's going to happen i don't think yeah to stay on the konya west and kim kardashian train apparently trump tokyo kardashian her and year helping him with the black voters where house way you know what though i thought about it and i thought long and hard about this and it disturbs me i looked at the numbers and it disturbs me that thirteen percent of black males voted for donald trump and i even had some weirdo under one of my facebook status is basically cape and for trump saying that trump has conquered mentality he only wants to talk to people who can assist him for certain round sir you need to stop assisting yourself to your mama's orange juice in the money her person move out of her base message oh a tattoo you negroes feel like that that percentage represented a good percentage of me at every american men that have mental illness you know what i don't really i don't i do use my thought process i think that that there are some black man out there i think there's a larger number than willing to admit of their types of black men out there i think that made this up the first type of black man is the one who is completely in totally beholden to the republican party ideals because they're one of those folks who don't see color and don't believe that racism exists anymore and anybody who calls out racism in any way shape former fashion subscribing to some sort of victim mentality and i've met these type of.

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