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Money. Just saying you know. I mean obviously everybody. I'm i think i'm the only one that doesn't put insurance on flights so i guess that's why i use the word lose most of these people put insurance and they lose that sixteen thirty dollars or whatever the insurance little little eighteen dollars shirts pilots get. Look at look at look at look at you. Crazy joshua laying man. I put my money on jose all day. He said i'm trying to kill. Jose am rebecca first of all energy number four today her life. You can't be intimidated. By the way somebody looks. That's the corneas. Now now out is going to be on that call for that if if it would have to be structured differently for that fight is just facts. Probably not between. Mrs mrs. mrs i- i- folded nest arm wrestling table. Yeah again what do we preach wars. You could be a soccer player. Like fucking sergio and still lose to margarito early days. Not when he was with burrito was. I know that it would be something along the lines of Like the matchup that we had in in In florida down in florida with the kid there was bigger than would jakup and and I don't say tea. Banh got terminator terminated. I think so. I think we fucked them both with termination. But i i guess structure is like that. You know where it's like okay. Let's get some working the gals get to have their day and whatnot But it's it's It's much different. You know What's i don't even know her name. Angie her physical prowess is a bit too much. But that's what i'm saying. You do the talking about how she looks like. That's the lamest thing like that's the definition of upon like. Oh i'm scared because he looks intimidating. You're the biggest different levels. My was like a five a five year. Amateur going up against a heavier person. Then i would be okay. That can work but this is a different level of experience and they're both at the same level but one has never trained okay. At least mario's wife was being taught to throw punches. Engine never put gloves on apart. How do you know that she's just naturally gifted and how to throw hands all right but again whenever we match made in the fight. Like oh rebecca. Here's your your replacement you must take. No but you're you're thinking negatively putting you all of a sudden because she looks intimidating. She's the best that everything. How do you know. She's not.

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