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And also what gates is saying about the brain trust guys have left. Doug Peterson still there that was the face and name of the brain trust last year. Right. But not necessarily the offensive brain trust. Then thank you talk about Wentz. He's had some issues. And I think a lot of it has to do with the lack of protection he's getting this season. I think I have the stats in front of me. But he got a lot better protection last season. Honestly, Tony, I don't know why we're not talking about the saints. I'm gonna talk about the saints. Drew Brees is on Kapar for. I don't care make a face MVP season. Never been in only forty years old like we should be talking about drew Brees all the time. You know? What's so interesting about him? We know Tom Brady's polarizing and Aaron Rodgers is polarizing is there any other quarterback in the league that everybody agrees. They absolutely love. That's right, everybody. Let's talk about drew Brees. Jackie has the creative. It's drew Brees day. Bill plash, Keith go ahead. Breezes, the MVP unbelievable bitches about say that Jackie now, everybody's. They are the best team in the NFL right with the news. Yeah. I mean, it's a fun story. I like drew Brees in the saints or just. Is the best. We could serve a fun store. Let me ask you this Frank. Yeah. You're on fourth and seven up thirty one going for it. There's there's fourteen minutes left in the game. It's the NFL. We would want him to kick a long field goal. That's gonna make you feel better one quick. And since Jackie through complimented me. I'm gonna throw in England. It just goes to show you how great the patriots have been whether they win the Super Bowl loses Super Bowl. They always come back the next year. And they're just as tough that tells you something about becky's like, well, that's not a compliment my way. Young out Pacino it. She's. We're gonna move this next story Condoleeza, right, right? If you I saw the report from Adam Schefter on Twitter, you checked like three times Steve was at darn Schefter. If you heard him seeing on TV you ask for a birth certificate to make sure it wasn't Frank Kellyanne though, I mean, that's how four of left field. This came Cleveland Browns statements, saying they're still in the process of composing the list of head coaching as it is. And former secretary of state rice has not been this has got to go down one of the most bizarre. The full statements of all time that you never thought you would ever see Rice's statement did advocate for women coaches. But also, essentially sit let's be serious here. I'm not ready to coach and I love to call play next year. The Browns need new ideas, Frank it, certainly was a new idea. What are you doing with all the information, and what should Browns fans be doing with it? The permission. Well, I can't imagine that she was never going to be the coach. I mean, that's something that you need experience. I will say this about her being in the front office. Go back to win Boesch Mbeka went from being the coach. In Michigan to being the president of the Detroit. Tigers I remember thinking years ago in the Knicks. We're looking for a president higher. Bill Parcells that's a good organizational guy that knows how to run things if you wanna put her in a position like president in a position of leadership where you know, she could run it organization. I think that makes sense coaching a little bit different. You really have to work at a much lower level, build your way up and of all the sports more. So than any other Jackie MacMullan. What did you think? When you first heard report. I was like, wow. I mean, I knew Condoleeza Rice was a college basketball fan. I didn't know about this love affair with the Cleveland Browns. She's the only person left on earth just about. Route. So that didn't make a lot of sense to me. I would say this. I think there is a place for women coaches in football. Just like, I think there's a place for female coaches in every sport. But it should be Catherine Smith who worked with the bills or Katie sours who's been part of the forty Niners who has that background and Condoleeza made that point yourself..

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