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That angel's wings, stretched out over the ARC's pure gold cover the mercy seat, and a lot of people feel that even more important than the ark it self and the construction of the ark it self is that 'cause it's actually rather small ark. According to the bible, there's a little bit of discrepancy here. But it was about four feet long and two and a half feet deep. It's pretty small, but inside of it was placed the Moses the tablets of stone with the ten commandments. And so you can see that, you know, two ways in terms of what what's more important or the ark it self or or what it contains? No, you know, like I said that the covers girl doesn't ever physically reference. The ark of the covenant. According to some translations, it does reference gleaming chamber and one part of the copper scroll. It may be the earliest reference to Shuki. No, which is that the spirit of God. It's really we don't have any other older references to that specific word. And usually when Safina's reference it's talking about the spirit of God in reference to the ark of the covenant. I love what the caller pointed out. And I am familiar with the winner of that of the Ted award and amazing things are happening in our galaxy right now and one thing that an Israeli archaeologist told me, you know, we had suffered from for years in terms of applying for this permit to do the scan and really not understanding why Jim Barfield wasn't able to get it. I mean, he he wasn't applying for himself to do the scan. He was working with established archaeologist who were off also baffled. But one of them told me, look, we're sitting here applying for this permit when and going through the old process and the procedure that exists now to do these things but truth be told. Stands can be done from the sky. Now, you know, how how how're any antiquities authority's going to be able to control the future in terms of that scans can be done from satellites in from other pieces of technology. So that really is will just be the next chapter in archaeology. We're still playing by the old rules and the and trying to apply for these things and going through that process, but but really we can do scans through satellites now. And so that's that's the future of this. What about Dow's? Let's go back to some old technology Dow's so Jim hasn't participated in that. But then dole Jones dead. I don't know if he had much luck with it Mendel Jones. Well, he didn't because he's passed away looked for thirty years. But that was actually the next place. He was going. There was a person professor actually out of Missouri. Who was a doubt? He he contacted Jim Barfield and so just to test that Jim Butterfield dead. He had bars of silver because he he used he tested his own. Our worst fear once more. If they go in the number of Knesset had volunteered to do a scan on his own at Koran was to get a false positive. You know, a false positive is more dangerous than a false negative in that way. And so he buried bars of silver and untested the Loretta metal detector that way. But he also did it once with basically, it was it was a it was a doubter and buried them in a park, and and and and it didn't work then it didn't work and in that case and in that context and it didn't work for downs either. Let's go east of the Rockies is it Helena in New Jersey. Helena did morning. Yes. I wanna thank you for taking my call. And Michelle we wanna thank you very much. For most interesting presentation, I myself have a doctorate biblical studies. And I studied the Dead Sea scrolls for almost a year under bar. Karen shiffman. I don't know if you know him, of course, he's alleged. Yes. Well, I must tell you every whenever I come to Israel. I come to three times a year, and I'm really mentioned his name. They can't do enough for me at the at the museum. And I also want to thank you very much for mentioning two gentlemen that I know very, well, namely Moshe Fagin, and I work for his I do volunteer work for his party. And but I think you should clarify that he wasn't arrested for just going up to the Temple Mount. Right. Can you clarify that for us? Because I I would love to hear from you first of all I have certain prohibitions. And unfortunately as much as I personally would like to go to Temple Mount, this is one of the reasons I don't go because the restrictions you have to walk a certain a along a certain path, you constantly watched especially if goes the Jewish faith now, I have I know I go Israel with groups that when they go up there, their passports a comp. Escape and they're watched like hawks. And when they returned they're giving their passports. We'll say you're not allowed to enter to Ida prayers. Obviously, Mr. Fagan. Well off the path. And when I say off the path of obviously, he did attempt to pray up there and one time I believe was two years ago. He actually went into the mosque. The I hate to say this. But he actually started a little demonstration within the mosque with various members of his party. And in fact, at the time, he was banned from ascending the Temple Mount at all. But being as you said, he's in the Knesset. He managed to overturn the ban Halloween. I would just have a couple of minutes before the break. Here was did you have any comments on on a coup? Iran is a possible location for the. It's an area say, I don't think it is. And why not? I know I personally go with various groups to come run whenever I visit Israel. And you as right by there is technically a checkpoint. But you probably blaze right by it. Right. I mean, it's not this isn't an area that any sort of right-thinking person believes that Israel would ever give up especially because of Koran but for the most part is uninhabited area. It's not it's it's not important, but there's a couple of complex there. But. Yes. It's it's spiritually valuable to Israel. And I don't think that Israel, whatever give it up and go she ation, but. Areas West Bank. It's separately not areas. Seek why do you okay? Yeah. Okay. Under the under the antiquities laws. They refer to it as it's under the ADC, which is the archaeological department under anything that's considered in Judea and Samaria. Is under there. It's already in Kumaon is under there already. It's not under the Israel antiquities at thirty every since sixty seven all right, Helene. Thank you for the call. Interesting. Interesting perspective there from Halina. If I mean, what is standing in the way now for them to at least start doing some some careful probing or or or or trenching in in in Kumaon. Right. So in twenty twelve whom Ron was declared a they use actually Jewish sort of biblical terminology for this thing that the land would be experiences. Schmidt. So it would every seven years in the bible e that the land is supposed to to rest, and so they actually declared that for home run that they're really itself would rest that. No archaeological. Excavations would be allowed at Koran and for the most part there's been some excavations in the cemeteries around Coomer on. But for the most part they've held to that every since then so supposed to I thought at the time everyone thought just last for a year, but it's actually lasted until now and the shumita should be over the sheer then. Yes..

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