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Is still in rotation. Welcome back, everybody. Jason and Alexis in the morning. I talk about a 71 Everything entertainment, everything. Romper Room, Jason, Lex and Dawn Kenny's off. Okay. Who wants to be? Double 07? Dawn McLean, The man of steel. Henry Cavil has put his name into the hat. Henry Campbell. He was talking to you, and he seemed to suggest that he would love to have that job, he said. If Bond producer Barbara Broccoli and co producer Michael G. Wilson were interested in that I would absolutely jump at the opportunity. A Tous stage. It's all up in the air. We'll see what happens. But, yes, I would love to play bond. It would be very, very exciting. So people have thrown around Tom Hardy. That's a rumor and then which I think they will choose this person. Idris Elba. He also works in the hat. And I think that that would be the best choice, However, Henry Cavil, definitely There's only a song like Tom Cruise can do it, even though he would love Tio. No, but only certain people can play that role. And I think that Henrik, I think all three could but all three. Yeah, they have that presence about them that beefy like Hot, sweaty guiding. I think who drinks beer and stuff? No, slick, You know time. Yeah. Lux Bond is not a beer drinker. No, I know I had a martini drinker. The last one right knee dream. Well, he did drink of area and there was a problem. That was a promotional. You know, That was a thing, you know, but I can't spent like $14 million here. Probably. But you're right, Lex. It does take a certain Suad v, a certain a certain sweat, certain presence. I like that word that you use, and there are there's a finite number of those guys in Hollywood or available to these producers that could that could pull this off. Idris is probably I'm also in agreeance with that list in that order, I would do Idris and Because Tom Hardy's also has that dangerous quality, you know, I mean, he's like, Yeah. Serious. Yeah. You look, Tom and think. Yeah. Any moment he could just go. Full nutter butter, You know? Yeah, just there's something there's something not perfect about him. That makes him dangerous, And that's an exciting quality to have in a bond. I think because I think what's his name now? I think What's his name? Who's pulling them now? Daniel Craig, I think Daniel has a little bit of that music. He's old. Yeah, you know, like Pierce Brosnan was a safe bond. You know, a little buttery Daniel Craig's a little dangerous like Hollywood has a little of that, too. From British. Don't think he's got a little bond. Oh, yeah, President totally totally. Now. I don't know if you'd like him on that list, but he's got that way..

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