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The sports illustrated media. Podcast thanks for listening going to get right into it this week. 'cause we have two guests both are excellent. I must say well. We're not going to get right into it. I am going to tell you that you need to go into the archives and listen to pass. Podgy may have missed Bryan curtis from the ringer. Last week was a lot of fun talking about row. And what a shit show. It is Kevin Harlan the week before Brent Musburger Chris Long Kirkman iffy all recent pods. If you haven't listened any of those check those out subscribe to the podcast rate review subscribe. Though is the key this week Dan. Orlovsky from ESPN rising star. That is a great work breaking down film for the. Nfl comes on to tell us a little bit about. His career is very interesting to chat with. Had some great opinions on the Super Bowl and some NFL stuff. And then Andrew Marsh and sports media reporter columnist from the New York Post joins the show to talk about a variety of Sports media stories including play changes to the NFL. Major League Baseball we get into the Gayle King Leslie Snoop Dogg debacle and some other things so Dinner Laskey I Andrew Marchant second on this week's episode of the Sim Media Podcast here. We go all right joining me now from ESPN Guy The star is rising lows breaking down the film and the fans love it. Dan Orlovsky Dan. How's IT Goin'? I'm I'm doing very well man. How are you doing? I'm doing well I How do you use the rising star? Because I need you. The Rising Star of Twenty Nineteen in sports media in my year end columns on to make sure we plug that live. I appreciate the column. I appreciate introduction. It Very humbling before we. I want to get into you. Know obviously is here and what you do it. Espn and how it all got started in your opinion on some NFL. Things got to start with this because there was a report from your colleague. Adam schefter recently about several front offices or multiple front offices or multiple teams Having interested in you in their front office vacancies Crazy how Adam schefter got that scoop. I don't know how he pulled that off. So what is there anything you could tell us on that front? Are you interviewing? Are you looking to get in front office? Is it something you'd like to do? What's going on there? Yeah I don't I don't think the shefty's reports anything about front office it did. I thought it said stuff about coaching. I have not been contacted by anybody in the NFL. In regards to a front office role I have had conversations and this really goes back giving twenty seventeen when I retired. I had an offer to go join a coaching staff. Right away to write that year pay. It was not the timing goes back to last year when I had two teams reach out One of them being packers come join our coaching staff. And I didn't feel right doing it then. And then this this year I had five teams reach out and I had some conversations with with some some places to potentially join a coaching staff and Multiple roles some offensive coordinator's role some non playcalling coordinator roles I'm not talking to anybody now that that kind of has settled down and that ship has sailed I coaching something. That's been on my mind. I could see me doing it in the future right now with what? I'm doing and kind of what I'm being afforded to do. I absolutely love it and I'm not looking to do anything else right now. Yeah I'LL I'll I I. I messed that up I I. It was front offices have contacted you about leave. Espn for offensive coaching jobs. That's that's what it was very flattering and I you know I look at what I get to do it. Espn is is very much a form of coaching. It's just different. Coaching in Different Your coaching different people more people than the intimate intimacy of a football team Could see myself doing future of course but I'm not looking to to go jump into that right now. Is a hypothetical if you were ever to take one of those jobs do you have a preference on I mean. Do you have to start out as sort of a quarterbacks coach are you a would you go right offensive coordinator? Would there ever be a situation? You envision like that or would you'd have to maybe move up to offensive coordinator by I don't know. Would you be a wide receivers coach or running backs coach? What would be the ultimate? You know role there. Yeah I mean the ultimate role would be a head coach. You know I had opportunities to go and be an offensive coordinator this year now. Two of those opportunities were non. Play calling offense of coordinators. Where like the head? Coach is the play caller. And they want someone who's going be their offense coordinator passing game corner all that stuff. Now I it's all about the right you know. Is it the right organization with the right head coach? And the right quarterback. That's GonNa Afford success because you know if you're going to get into coaching. You're obviously getting in one for the long term and to to try and climb as high as you can and do it in a relatively timely fashion in you know obviously your goal isn't to go cam just going to get into coaching head coach in two years. And then be done but you don't you know I don't he envisioned myself getting into coaching to try to be a an assistant coach for a decade either. And so with the right place right time right at coach and quarterback. I don't think getting into the quarterback coach has any negative aspect to it. Now right it let. Let's say I pathetically you became an offensive coordinator today of an NFL team. Any team doesn't matter. I'm just curious. Is there something you would want to implement? Is there something you'd think you know you would WANNA do? Maybe more. Is there a play a philosophy? Is there something you have that you think? No one's doing right now that you would wanna bring to the table. I don't there's nothing that no one's doing But I think that there's people who do it better for sure and do it more creative like I have said for. Gosh I WANNA say five or six years right now teams. That don't have the the the the Rob Gronkowski tight end of. The world are totally hurting their quarterback. They're just not helping their quarterback play as efficiently as possible because and I'm not talking about the talent of Gronk. Obviously that is rare right. I'm talking about the the ability of Gronk to be both tight end and wide receiver on every single play If you look at the teams that run really good offensive sets consistently. It is the Philadelphia Eagles. It is the Kansas City chiefs. It is the New Orleans saints with the Jimmy Games. Like you have to have that tight end for information and then match up and then I am. You know I. I look at football nowadays so different When it comes to the quarterback in skill people do believe that twenty years ago. Quarterbacks made other players around them better. I truly believe that nowadays the people around the quarterback make him better. And you can't just have one star or two stars. You have to have five or six really good players around him if you look at the past couple of super bowls in the past year. That offensive have been really good. It's the offense. Is that house five. Six seven skilled people deep because the game. Nowadays it's about space and it's about matchups and Those it'd be like the two focal points. The foundational views of my offense obviously dominant offense fine but when it comes to like the the past game in skilled play. It's not really about having one star the wide receiver position about tight end and then a job and a bunch of really really good skilled players. That deepens is just can't match up with. It is interesting because I I always thought the entire season with so many people talking about the quote unquote decline of Tom Brady I. I'd never thought there was enough attention. Paid to the fact that Gronk this year You know just a completely irreplaceable player on every level and yeah not just again not just the physical performance of Gronk but all the things that they did with grunk to figure out what teams were doing before the snap in. Yeah but then I'd anybody I mean. They had the performance of their skill people. I said this I think like we. Four was the number one issue with their offense. I think if you put Tom Brady on an offense that has four five multiple weapons that are good players again. These aren't superstars but they are really good players. Good good players. Tom Brady bill for forty five hundred yards and thirty five to forty touchdowns be interesting to see who he's doing it for next year. That's for sure you had an interesting spin on the Super Bowl where you thought Mike Shanahan Kyle Shanahan. I'm Sorry College Han You didn't think the criticism of him was fair. Is that a correct assessment. Not at all not at all I thought within I think. Kyle caps the chiefs in the football game. I thought there was a mismanagement of the clock at the end of the first half and then last week how came out and said well. This is why we did it. Because we were so conscious of their the explosiveness of the chiefs offense. We didn't want to give them the football back at the end of the first half. I had two gripes with that one. I think in the Super Bowl when you Feared the other team more than you believe in yourself or your team your coaching to lose your coaching not to lose and he said that the fear that he had of Kansas City was greater than the belief he had himself as a play collar or as or and they're player doesn't often the ability to execute an offense to if you're going to say that and that's your game plan all week as a team to handle the end of the first half cocked. That way there's absolutely no way that you kick a field goal in the second quarter on fourth and two under opening drive in the third quarter on your opening. Drive the second half. There's no way can do. You can't sit there day. We don't want to give them the ball back. We understand how explosive there on offense right but then feel good audit fourth in two kicking a thirty yard field goal like it. You're going to say they're so explosive on offense. You don't WanNa give him any time within. Your viewpoint has to be there so explosive on offense. That threes aren't GonNa win you the football game either. Four and five and seven. We could have a different conversation to I think he kept him in the game. The run on second and five near the end of the game with about six minutes to go one hundred percent. The accurate play. Call the right play called. They did the same set. The play of the series before they did a player can pass the kiddle conversion second five is Iran or passed down. You don't you as a defense. You don't know what they're GONNA do. You don't Wanna ask Jimmy G. to play dropback football on third down and yesterday quarterback to throw five yard pass now he had gone play action pass and took a shot down the field. We could add a different different situation here. We asked him to throw a play action. Pass those five yards down the field Chris. Jones has made a good player. But that's the right call right. It's this is why you know it's amazing. You're the I've heard. Nobody talk about the the field goal on the fourth in to there in the third quarter and I thought to me that was his worst play call of the whole game by far. I that you cannot kick field goals against the chiefs in that situation and to on something else you said. This is why you're the fastest rising stars. They said he was terrified of the chiefs at the end of the first half. And if you also you watch you know there was a great video the NFL released on Youtube of The the final minutes of the chiefs comeback and even when the chiefs scored the chiefs were coming. He was so scared. And that's because even makes a comment to whoever's in his headset about we you know we've only got five minutes here and that we can't get do he. He was scared and not aggressive. And that was. I thought way worse than any of the play calls like you said about the second down there where he threw it. That would be the niners fan. That was telling I thought it was rough. I agree I agree that and I know Carl I played for Kyle..

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