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Aired On Wednesday, February 19, 1 AM, On NBC Nightly News.



Our new poll. Tonight showing US where the race stands. Let's get more from. Nbc's Kristen Welker Tomorrow. Night in Las Vegas Michael Bloomberg hoping the odds will be in his favor as he makes his debate debut after qualifying by surging in recent holes including our new NBC News Wall Street Journal poll which shows Senator Bernie Sanders now. The Sole Democratic Front runner nationwide at twenty seven percent Joe Biden second at fifteen percent. Bloomberg now in third place tied with Senator Elizabeth Warren at fourteen percent followed by former South Bend. Indiana mayor people to judge and Senator Amy Klobuchar Democratic candidates have been blasting Bloomberg for spending a stunning three hundred and eighty one million dollars of his own money on ads to boost his poll numbers and the controversial past. Nypd police tactic of stop and Frisk for which he recently apologized. You're not going to say to Mr Bloomberg. You're certainly not going to win. When you have a record in New York City that included racist policies like stop and Frisk. Buddha judge saying Bloomberg will face tough questions..

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Aired On Wednesday, February 19, 1 AM, On NBC Nightly News.

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