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I can't say that there has been a distinct change in the man over the year, Trump Yes, I don't know. If you're not. He is not the same. That's not saying he's perfect that he isn't say crazy things that he has had changes morally. Yes, he He really, really, really had really believed that. I really believe it. So let me ask you this. Then. Then why is it that he had sex with a porn star? A couple months after his wife had a child? And why is that? They don't sleep in the same bed and she won't even leave 110%. Donald Trump was super not saved then, and I don't know anything about their marriage. That one way. Yeah, but it was hay was not a saved, man. When Barron Trump was born. What was a parent like 13 years ago? So he was not a saved man who knew Jesus back then? Okay. And I'm not saying And just because, you know Jesus doesn't mean you're good. Doesn't mean your moral doesn't mean you're right. Okay? Not it off. Do you think he's improved? Morally since I too I do, But that is because I've had a personal I've had personal interactions with him. Of course. I didn't know him when he was, you know, in the eighties and nineties. I've only known him in this position of president opinions about him as well. And I've truly seen that He's not the man. I thought he was right. So Years ago, 3.5 years ago when he said he didn't respect John McCain because he was captured. What is morally good about doing that? What is morally good about attacking Nancy Pelosi, based on her looks? What is morally good when he was running for president attacking Ted Cruz's wife, But we're all immoral and you were attacking Herman Cain here earlier, calling him an idiot, which is totally okay. But that doesn't mean that I'm going to call you in world. There's never do that. But I think there's a fine line between calling somebody an idiot because they don't wear a mask. And going after someone's service as a POW. Do you know that you don't listen, I am not the biggest John McCain fan and I don't like him at all. At the end of the day, I personally would never have said an ill word about him, particularly after his death. But again, I can't disagree with tales about Herman Cain after his death, and you're okay with that saying is, it's not as easy as tip for tat, and it's a lot about who you are as a human, I understand, but until word The reason why I say that is because his actions killed him, and his actions could kill others. That's why I call I call him an idiot. Do you understand your point, but I don't agree. I understand, But that's why that's why I call him that and going back to the John McCain issue. I think you have to be a certain type of horrible human being. Yes, I said it horrible human being, by the way, Donald Trump Dodge the military four times. Bill Clinton did too, and it doesn't make it right if you dodge the military, But my point is this somebody like John McCain. This has nothing to do with policy. We could disagree on by the way. I'm with you. I don't always agree on didn't always agree with John McCain but to attack John McCain because he was a prisoner of war. To me shows no proof to me that Donald Trump has changed it all. That is a despicable thing to do. I guess we will have to agree to disagree. I said, I think he still says a lot of despicable things on a regular basis. He retweets people that scream out white power. He did that recently. And now he's trying to give credibility to a doctor who believes in demons, sperm and that is dangerous for the country. So okay, it was Rudy Giuliani. You said that Dr Emanuel is there? I don't believe Donald Trump said that he respects her that she is a respected doctor. He also retweeted her. You can respect someone and disagree with them. I will respect that woman. She is a doctor. She's a minister. I disagree with her complete. Lately honored in person. But how can you respect a doctor who believes an exorcist? Um how can you respect anybody who thinks all gay people are terrorist? How can you respect anybody Who believes it is? I respect human life? I don't believe in demon sperm. I don't believe you get endometriosis. If you had a sex dream with a demon. I don't even know it was Donald Trump. But when Donald Trump retweets that He tried that gives her some credibility and people believe it. Can you understand how that could be dangerous to society? When the president of United States give somebody like that credibility? I think it's dangerous, decided when Twitter will censor the president and conservatives and not censor other public officials because we should not be censoring at all. But that's a different subject. But I do believe that If the president Retweets, somebody like that it is dangerous for society because this woman said, don't wear masks, and there's a cure for the virus. Both are not true. Both are ridiculous. Now, Donald Trump retweets that out which he did, and then it was since deleted because he knew it was wrong or somebody told him it was wrong. Some of his followers, some of his ignorant followers are going to believe it. No, They're not ignorant just because they question because they don't spoon feed themselves, whatever the hell's, but it's not just about questioning. There are people that are going to see that that are going to go out there and think that there's a cure not going to wear a mask. Just like there were people that But there were people who add aquarium cleaner because they thought hydrochloric land was a cure, and no one ever told them tow have aquarium cleaner. We can't keep meeting any traction. But Donald Trump in a Corona virus press conference is the one That even entertained the fact that maybe you could take these type of disinfectants and it could cure the virus. He's the one they were actually working on studies to do that, and he didn't say go and drink Lysol. But life brought in Latin. It's brilliant mind that suit. You told him where to drink, Liesel? No, but he brought it up in a Corona virus press conference, and I think most people would agree it was inappropriate for him to even bring it up because they're still think you should speak at whim and just kind of talk about whatever's on the forefront of his mind. Like Dr Brick said. After that, I don't think that it's terribly helpful, but it's also not helpful in the media. Comes at him and says he told everybody drink Lysol. No, he didnt you are. But I listened to that press conference word for word. He never said any such thing, but he brought it up and he entertained two doctors, which is extremely irresponsible and ridiculous. That's all. That's all I'm saying. I think the president has a responsibility. You know what if we had more truth and transparency like because everyone tells us hydrochloric one doesn't work. Oh, the study show will show me the studies. You might say, Oh, that's too much. You're not smart enough to see no show us be transparent. This lack of transparency is why there's doubt. Well, there there is a lack of transparency on both sides. I just want the president to be a little bit more responsible, right? I guess we have some people on hold. I didn't even give out the number, but I'm going to try to get to as many calls as I can in a very short period of time. Let's start off with Kevin. Kevin, you're first. What's going on? Yeah. Hey, um, I hear you guys discussing all this. It brings me back to when my great parents only at a very young age That I should never hold everyone to a higher standard than I hold myself. Because if I do just makes me look like a hypocrite today, Okay, So what? What? What does that mean? I don't even know what that I don't even know.

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