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And traffic now a our news time eleven thirty i'm mark carlson hawaii tourism officials want you to know you're still welcome to visit the big island the kill away of all keno maybe a rubbing but not all of the big island is impacted dramatic scenes of spilling rock from the killer way of volcano and lava flowing from fishers have triggered hundreds of evacuations on hawaii's big island but just in communities below the summit the rest of the island is open for business george szigeti is head of the hawaii tourism authority he says the island welcomes visitors but he also says safety and awareness are key if you plan to check out the lava flows you wanna make sure that visitors respect the residents out there and don't go in those areas why they restore their lives michelle franzen abc news here's a concern for water managers in arizona the colorado river's peak flows are arriving early this spring and at one of the lowest levels recorded the daily sentinel in colorado reports that peak flows are expected tomorrow on the colorado and gunnison rivers at about eighty five hundred cubic feet per her second near the utah line only the dry years of one thousand nine hundred seventy seven two thousand two and twenty twelve have seen lower levels in eighty five years of records kept by the colorado river conservation district if sunday is the peak it will also be the third earliest according to district records traffic and weather now here's my gandules in the valley chevy dealers traffic center well thanks mark stir up some good news that crash crashing the seventeen southbound at glendale avenue has cleared all lanes now open seventeen northbound anthem wakes specs it major delays there at a crash two lanes are blocked on the right lanes open police and fire onscene this brought to you by scott condie dentistry if you're afraid of the dentist dr condie can help call them today for a complimentary consultation at four eight zero four nine seven two thousand that's four eight zero four nine seven two.

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