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Things Coca-Cola's, laughing in the face of nine hundred eighty five and they are rereleasing new coq your remember that it was a marketing flop of unparalleled proportions. But it's coming back today in limited supply online from coke store dot com, and that's going to be starting at four o'clock this afternoon. Find out what all that hoopla was about news on demanded KTAR H dot com. We're going to have another update at twelve thirty. Breaking news as it happens. And now more of the Rush Limbaugh show, I'm Nikki Courtney on Houston's news, weather, and traffic station, NewsRadio seven forty k t. We are H as the warm weather returns. Subdue mosquitoes, termites and other annoying pests, tickets stand this year with a five star pest control experts at crop Metcalf. Their pest control technicians, have the training and techniques to stop mosquitoes termites or any other pests that might be bugging, you and your family. Call one eight hundred go crop or visit crop madcap dot com for more and remember. With crop Metcalf. Home of the five star technician, and proud partner of the Washington nationals needs. Conversationalist across the Bali Furman plan that at Rush Limbaugh here behind the golden IB microphone at the distinguish 'em prestigious Limbaugh institute for advanced studies of everything. Eight hundred two eight two two eight two. If you want to be on the program in a rush,.

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