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So Jerome got a lot to talk about here in terms of artificial intelligence governance, , artificial general intelligence. . The reason I think this conversation will be fun is because you've thought through some future scenarios with with very large organizations for many years. . Very High Level and you've learned a lot in the process of what is the process for pulling together different stakeholders imagining, , what will the future be? ? What should we do I? ? Mean very complicated. . You go about it. . Of course, , one of the first things you do is you gotta find out the state of the art of whatever it is you know is there is, , let's say five elements to it or ten elements, , and you know was the state of the art on this element on this element, , this element, , this element. . Now myself I won't know enough to do that. . So we have a global network of networks sixty five nodes. . Return Network himself within countries, , and so I can say, , here's where we are so far and they tell me what else ought to be considered. . So there's so as global sort of a state of the art assessment finger. . Yeah and then within that <hes> with take a look and say what questions were not asked the authorities have been asked. . and. What . questions were as but answered, , superficial. . That gives us questions to as in a Delphi study, , which is a questionnaire goes around the world. . And the results of that then becomes guts content to create draft scenarios. . We send address narrows back out and everybody hasn't at Pat and presides over, , and then we can say, , okay, , what do you do about this scenario? ? What did you do about it? ? You'll see a good action as well as scenarios this sort of a general approach <hes>. . So you talked about the Delphi study I actually recall you bringing this up the first time you and I chatted I don't remember who has five years ago or something wild like that. . Speak briefly about wooded Delphi study is so I like finger on the pulse what are we missing? ? Pulling, , those ideas together and then there's this kind of dispersion to generate even more. . What is the Delphi study. . Delphi questionnaire. . Whose second round. . Is. . Determined by the results of the first round. . And third round is determined by the results the second route. . <hes> the reason for it was that there were generals and admirals and experts that don't always the same room with each other at the Rand Corporation.

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