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Police financial planner. I think healthcare. Is it trained for the next five. Ten twenty thirty years as people get older so you should be in healthcare now. Doi- by cochlear raise made draw by fishermen pike cold while by say is l. of now idea so in that instance. I'm more likely to go to an atf. That's heavy healthcare and healthcare. Etf and you know. I'd probably actually make sure that had bubble a stocks in there as well. So in that instance i would with big phonetics old guy to a fund on specific. Semi son has just added investing. And he's always asked me fatigue ups and we have lots of people through the show. Matthew kit was on in the last week he was a great example of roger montgomery the week before they always come up with with. Id's and matthew locks treasury wanna sites. For example roger now was an cobra fain ross brands. Been on the show a few times and he's a national australia bank fan. I must say. I do. Tend to listen to those guys who studied the market. And so what. I'm giving advice to my son. He's never gonna make any money. When i'm giving my voice in my son. I actually do tend to fall back on. What the experts site. But he's investing five hundred thousand two thousand dollars. And when you're you know he's he's nineteen so he's ideas. He's wants to start a portfolio. So i think it's somewhere in between and his horses for courses. The one thing that i would be wary of is when you're investing in specific stocks so you can buy pct minerals or macabre one of those things. If you did that six weeks ago you'd be up. Twenty percent of the moment party tom. But professional investors know that they've got a sill inevitably retail investors. Like us we are that. Just sit on it until guys back down or we don't actively manage it. I suppose and so. I think day trading is tightly fraught when you're retailing vista this not as thousand people who disagree with me but i do think when you're investing you should be thinking about it for the long term and so if you're buying downtime bind to michael dolla. Mike a lot of dollars in the next day. It's all about me holding them and moving at some point. But i think just be careful about day trading and what about you michael. Yeah look i. I haven't looked at atf's and it does make a lot of sense. See probably pay attention to the individual movements of particular stocks that ah diatribe would without actually then trading in that even while we've been talking here i had my list of about ten that i'm watching at the moment just stop just rolling scrolling through them. Not because i wasn't interested in what you were saying about Because all the so interested in that. I was inspired to to say without doing research so i i'm probably at that point of still kind of watching them every day and us feel a bit. Dan when when the things you've invested in gone down happy when they go up. But i generally then just still kind of sit on it and in terms of where i'm i'm getting the information from this is really kind of finishing with a shameless plug full fearing grade. It is as you say the experts so we have through at. But also the the companies that we've been speaking to that listen to the chief executives of the founders of of companies talking about what they are doing and it kind of gives you a bit of a really good insight into kinda where the company's going and it's just a often that to be a really good starting place for research because it's pretty good access to what accompanies is doing and planning for the future so shameless plug for fear in grade there..

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