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The. Everyone's already naming him new in Qb one in New England. But is there a chance that them could still win out that starting job I'm Sarah Goodwill here with Ebola czar talking any other way besides cam suffering a serious injury right because that would not really be earning for himself, but do you see a scenario in which system could still be? The Guy for the Patriots in two thousand twenty I? Don't think that it's a foregone conclusion right now. Now CR that CAM is in sin is not that they are going to have an open connor competition between the two of those guys. Now maybe the team is already leaning one way over another, and it sounds like that way is cams, but I do think that they're going to let them still have a chance to win this job outright in camp if he can and I think the biggest way that he can go about, it is stylistically the type. Type of offense, the Patriots WanNa be if they WANNA stick to kind of more of a system that we've seen over the last twenty years. Tom Brady instead of might fit that mold a little bit more than what Cam can do because remember Cam as great as he is as a as a player and as an athlete, he is the type of guy that needs to be in the shotgun that needs to use his legs as an influence to the. The defense in some way shape or form, and is usually throwing more vertically down the field. Even if he's throwing shorter passes in recent seasons, it's more of a vertical passing offense and vertical concepts, and some of the horizontal type of stuff that we've seen with the Patriots, so if they WANNA, be under center team, they WANNA use play action from under center and attack defenses, or is honestly a little bit more like we solid Brady and winwood timing in. In that type of offense? Then maybe that does fit Johnston them a little bit more than it does. Cam Newton although I I still think that for one year I'd take cam over cinem- for now. Is really known as dual threat quarterback a mobile quarterback, but he is rehabbing that foot injury, so take one of those threats away or minimize it savings, not as mobile as him in his prime. Is that away for them to kind of carve out a path for him for that starting role because you're taking one of? The new major assets away I think it is. In other elements of his game, his passing game is throwing mechanics and footwork and particular. Don't come along and training camp to the way they want it to I think that there is a possibility that if he is a limited mobile passer, still always going to be a little bit mobile, it is Cam Newton visa limited mobile passer. I think that there is a possibility that they might look at it and say you know really at this point of his career. He's probably not equal to sit on, but they're in the same ballpark now versus before cameras in a totally different stratosphere. We're talking about you know Twenty Fifteen Cam Newton Twenty sixteen, Cam. Cam Newton so I think that if he loses his legs a little bit than it does open up sort of a discussion of which quarterback and kind of do a little bit more what the Patriots do in the style offense at they've been over the last two decades versus putting Cam in the shotgun, spreading out the formation, being a more vertical passing concept type of offense. I really think that both of those things can be successful for the Patriots in Cam. Newton's probably got a much higher ceiling I would say this season than jared did this team when they have Cam Newton out there versus them? You're going to think a little bit more. Of them I would save Eur in opposing defensive coordinator, so there are a lot of possibilities. Still I I think that there are things he does in their offense better than CAM. Newton might fit in the scheme, especially playing from under center. From all of our Cam Newton Patriots content on our website at sealants, media DOT COM in other Youtube Channel at Patriots. Press Pass. There is no shortage of action going on at our exclusive partner Bet, online sports are slowly making its way back with the UFC NASCAR and soccer, leading the way, but online has all the best odds in lines for the upcoming matches this weekend. Need more that online has simulated NFL NBA and UFC happening every day. Live for you to check out looking for something else other than sports, but online has hundreds of live casino games poker. Tournament and all the best props in the business visit, Bet Online Dot AG, or use your mobile device in join now to receive your new welcome bonus in start playing today, but online your online sportsbook experts..

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