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In the dangling plane for hours, while they raided for rescuers to try to get them out. They were anxious. They were concerned about the stability of the aircraft. Both were taken to a local hospital. Their conditions have improved, and one of them has been released. The plane was also taken out of the power lines, but remains on the scene. Well, the NTSB investigates. Stetson Miller, WTO P news. We're also learning here at WT you'll feed this Tuesday morning that the NTSB plans to release a preliminary report of their investigation into this crash in two to three weeks. The pilot and passenger in sunny lights plane crash stayed calm as they talk my cell phone with a 9-1-1 caller. Pilot Patrick Merkel telephoned Montgomery county 9-1-1 to say he had flown into a tower. Believe it or not, the aircraft is pinned in the tower. The pilot feared the plane could slip free from the tower's grasp and fall to earth. We can slide backwards and have absolutely nothing to protect us going down. Passenger Janet Williams pleaded for a swift rescue, and the 9-1-1 call taker offered encouraging words. They're moving as fast as they can, okay? You're going to get up to you guys. Emergency personnel checked with the crash victims by phone every 30 minutes. Particularly on a WTO news. Double D DOP at one O 5, Virginia congressman, not only has died after a long battle with cancer, he was only 61. A Democrat had just won reelection four fourth term in Virginia's fourth district. His chief of staff says he was diagnosed with colorectal cancer, actually, way back in 2013. Senators Mark Warner and Tim kaine from Virginia this morning separately, saying they have known McKeon for decades and in statements separately said they are devastated to learn of his passing. The kitchen was the third African American to represent Virginia in Congress. Money is being wasted in D.C., at least when it comes to fixing things at schools and other buildings. D.C. council chair Phil mendelson says the work order process is in his words a mess. The result is that it's costing the city. Millions of dollars. A D.C. auditor's report found all kinds of issues with the department of general services responsible for fixing stuff and tracking it. In some work orders before and after photos were not the actual project, but stock images found on the Internet. I mean, why would one do that? Mendelson says the mayor is responsible for how the work gets done. Kyle Cooper news. When prices go up, that has an impact on everything from the price of milk to building schools locally. This is the time of year when Montgomery county lawmakers are talking to their colleagues in Annapolis about what they need and county council president KPop, said inflation will affect requests for things like school construction money. He also talked about another priority when the General Assembly session starts in January. Pedestrian safety, as well as bicycle safety, because as we know, there have been too many tragedies here locally in Montgomery county and across the region. Among the bills it could be considered one that would take the fines drivers pay for blowing past stopped school buses and sending that money to the state to apply directly to improving safety at the site where the violation occurred. Kate Ryan, WTO P news. While retinitis

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