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They have to prove several things to prove that these officers should go to jail one. They'd have to show that Damore ten fraudulently to have had to show the officers were aware that the warrant was obtained fraudulently. Police Department protocol allows the use of lethal force when offers officers feel threatened. Even if they had valid, no not improperly announced themselves blazing away theoretically be an excessive use of force. But when somebody is firing at you that sort of changes the math a little bit. So in other words, it's going to be nearly impossible to reach conviction in the Briana Taylor case and somebody's firing at you from inside an apartment where you have a warrant a justly based warrant. How do you make the case that the police officers ought to go to jail? That is called a tragedy is not necessarily called the crime he will. Now it turns out there are new details. Now, their new tales, new details that are being largely ignored by the national media they're being covered locally. According to the Courier Journal the Louisville Courier Journal. Apparently. There's a new report, three, nine page report and details significant ties between Brianna Taylor and the alleged drug dealer. So this is only relevant not relevant her being shot it is relevant whether they properly obtained the warrants. If it turns out, there was significant evidence. The Briana Taylor was part of a drug distribution network. Then it would make sense that they had a no knock warrant for her apartment. So again, you have to fill three steps to convict the Briana Taylor officers one, you have to claim that the arrest warrant was fraudulent to the officers news fraudulent three they then went in guns blazing to shoot somebody. All three of these are going to be found false doesn't matter. The narrative has already been set. According to the Courier Journal an internal report written by Louisville Metro police after officers fatally shot Brianna Taylor on March thirteenth sheds more light on the reasons why they chose you forcibly under her southend apartment the night she was killed. The thirty nine page report and corroborating evidence show Taylor had more extensive ties than previously made public with an accused drug trafficker who's at the center of a larger, narcotics operation. In. Louisville. Apparently according to the report corroborated by jail phone recordings and other documents obtained by the career journal detail multiple links between Taylor and Jamarcus. Glover of Louisville a main target in a drug probe that prompted police to request the search warrant for Taylor's department. Plainclothes officers at night battery her door searching for drugs analysts cash none were found. Glover was arrested the same night as Taylor's shooting his picked up at an alleged drug house ten miles to the North in Louisville's west end. and. So it is unclear whether prosecution should take place here of the authors it is certainly not clear its arrest warrant and the end the warrant that was out for opening up the apartment the no knock warrant was improperly based. Then, of course, the mayor contend release of the report because only one side of the information can get out. When you're condemning information for being dropped as generally indicated that you don't like the information that is being dropped. Apparently, the Career Journal reported that a sworn affidavit affidavit from the Louisville Metro Police Department detective Joshua Janes said Glover who is the boyfriend was seen walking into Taylor's apartment one January afternoon and left hit with a suspected USPS packaging his right hand and then drove to a known drug house. I'm Muhammad Ali Boulevard Chain said he verified through US Postal Inspector Glover had been receiving packages at Taylor's address. As the police report reviewed by the Career Journal goes beyond the information in the affidavit details evidence into police surveillance. So Taylor Glover, as well as recorded phone conversations from the jail involving the two of them. Hey. So again, these are new details. The probably will not see a lot in the national media because of the narrative has been set that the police officers did something deeply wrong and not only wrong racist. The they're the only way you can explain the consistent pattern of the media refusing to cover in the national press. The details of these cases before allowing the jump to the conclusion that the police are systemically racist is because they have an agenda, America's systemically racist remove the cops. And Give Democrats power, and all this will go away. Amazing. Okay so As I say none of this makes for a better America none of it. If. You can name something that has gotten better in America over the last several months since the George Floyd killing then I'm willing to hear it but have yet to hear a single thing one like a thing that has gotten better. We've been told that America's getting better day by day because of the Bela Movement I'm waiting to see evidence that this is the case I've not seen any evidence that this is the case in fact, in fact, most Americans have gone back to the prior opinions of what they thought the state of the state of the state of play was before. Really gain national prominence again after the George. Floyd death. In so all of this was the backdrop for the NC last night on the RNC. Last night was sort of kind and friendly RNC last night. In fact, the RNC actually opened with a prayer for Jacob Blake as well as the police was the beginning of the RNC night to. quit invite you to.

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