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In the WTO traffic center. Sandy will kick things off in Maryland where there was a crash on the inner loop as you make your way past two 14th central avenue now everything there should be confined to the right shoulder with lanes available, but still quite slow in that stretch as you leave route 50 heading southward central avenue out of swing briefly to take a look. You'll slow again in Montgomery county on the interlude in the university of boulevard to a college park in adelup, leaving college park most of the way toward two 70 with nothing reported in your way to 70 was basically in good shape same goes for 95 and the Baltimore Washington Parkway. On the D.C. trip, two 95 southbound jam from before the 11th street bridge to roadwork deer the suitland Parkway, only one lane gets through northbound two 95, slows near the Malcolm X avenue, a works on for you has only one lane getting through. Three 95 southbound crawling along from before the third street tunnel for the app bound case bridge and into Virginia. On the north Dan trip V 95 delays beginning after The Pentagon heading to and across the 14th street bridge, we've got some lingering closures mostly throughout Southwest for the marine corp marathon, which is beginning to wrap things up and confine itself to the Virginia side of the river. On the Virginia side of things, 95 northbound, we've got heavy delays coming out of Fredericksburg, most of the way towards Stanford, all the earlier crashes should be out of the way, but still causing a little bit of trouble here and there. The easy pass lanes are north of 95 and three 95 south Ben 95 delays were out of lords and most of the way toward triangle. That should be mostly volume for you. 66 loads in short stretches, eastbound and westbound between the beltway and one 23, if you're driving through crystal city and rods and you'll note that one ten remains closed

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