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Shh he literally just falls less so nba is really the only person who shows a lot of other personality yeah man whenever you just got to people playing it cool in one person doing away better than he jazz your then your it's just it's it's not adjusted position it just become something that you're like on won't i guess you're here yeah so that's that's 100 percent fare now people this is where we drop into spoiler territory uh i don't i'm pretty sure you guys like it's the netflix movie i'll be there already seen it or i don't give a shit i was going to buy it anyway go now we're talking in this territory member the qom her when atpa's backup that's when you can take us off me to do whatever you need to do and then you can hear all raining now spoiler territory uh okay again almost out of a good things i got there are some good things i have to say in this kind of plays onto what we're seeing earlier with scenes jumping off the page again two of my favorite care because i've talked about this all the time on the show a we're gonna play this clip because you see 2000 times and if not you can go back and watch the trailer was i watch just google this clip but with lust and colonel mustang there they're very very particular thing that happens between them it's obviously when mustang kills lust and i feel like they lifted that very well with all the things in here they looked at that well from the animate now a circus grain shot of how it happened in the next netflix version and and how it happened in an enemy version now manamani version roy is takes the he burns up as she has a little speech at the is you kill me i can't wait issued i look on your face is so cold you go dial one day fuck your blog.

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