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That was Phil eletronic classic auto bomb by crosswalk. Obviously, followed by that is open by seven heads as totem pole. You can get them on that. Trevor Jackson presents metal don'ts, industrial post punk ERM classics America's eighty to eighty eight now because it's big mouth and it's not just music. It's telling him film as well. We're asking the orbital brothers for their TV book set addictions, the ones that battering at home or on the tablet whilst touring the world, there are two choices each. Paul Hartnell y'all two choices. I believe our game of thrones and the Handmaid's tale. There's many other programs as well, but I'm so gagging for the next series of getting thrones, you know, I, I loved. I watched it from day one on the seeming. Just all what's that off the first episode still. That's hilarious. That's so like so sword and sandal Star Trek doesn't take yourself that seriously. It's quite it's ridiculous. Yeah, totally draw. Even when I think series to finished, I couldn't wait any longer. So I went to the books just read all the books as well waiting for. The next series to stall. Do you have a favorite character arc in the loss berries? Who's going through wat-? That's interesting because you know, I mean Tyrians always been a favorite. I mean, she'll everyone's Fe. I dunno kinda like what's happening to Jamie Lancaster. Yeah. Yeah, because I'm having empathy for him was think about a horrible man. Empathy for Jamie. That's one of the key things that into those that you are, it plays with what you think of the established. Things sold sorcery and fancy. People are always going to retain that characteristics. Even people like the hound of child. Area. Favorite's changing as well from the city..

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