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Hello and welcome to women in business where we interview entrepreneurs and senior managers and show you the straits successes obstacles and roadblocks women experience in business since i believe every person in business needs to be visible i'd like to invite you to watch www dot sob six that's the number six tips dot com which will give you some valuable information should you get the call to be on radio or tv which i think is extremely important if you'd like to contact me personally drop me a line at gail carson that's g a y l e gail carson thirteen at gmailcom or go to my website www dot spunky old brawd dot com and sign up for my weekly newsletter my guest today is on media's cooper on is a marketing fireball who burns with perpetual energy and she says fueled in part by cuban covered fito and an impressive skill set or expertise ranges from anthropology to romance languages in two thousand she cofounded diaz and cooper advertising with her husband todd cooper the agency is a top twenty five south florida advertising agency and the only gold certified hub spot inbound marketing agency in miami there's success is in part due to her ability to see cultural and social issues in terms of how they relate to communications she's used it to guide strategies for clients like silver airways regent seven seas cruises sony latin america davis vision escape resort and transient him well welcome to the show on the hour.

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