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For all major podcast platforms in our name is in their. Wave file exporting has also been improved, so there's a little like dropdown menu where you can pick, and they actually have pre like you can You can make them executive. MP3 because I mean wave file exporting is fine to your computer, but is not what you WanNa do any PODCAST hosting service. Yeah, I think that they have all of that. Set up in their into I mean everything is like you could see the little drop down on everything a setup in the way that you should go out there and then they've also updated the companion up so now users can also tweet out processing parameters in real time within the companion, the firmware updates also now lives within the companion APP so The last time whenever you open the companion APP, it Lik, it really was just to see the sounds like. At least that's how I interpreted it. Because it's got these little like audio sounds added to it, and visually you could see it on your computer so that you can understand which one is which? Move those around there, but you were never really able to look at your tracks and adjust the sounds of the tracks based on the computer. It's off on the APP. You could not do that. You had to do it from the from the actual hardware so now. This is also another thing. That's really nice that they are doing here again. If anybody has used these, we would love to hear feedback. You can go ahead and email the feed at Lipson. Lipson DOT COM so that we can get your takes on what they're doing and I think what excited me the most. When I watched the video, there's going to be a link in the show notes guys to get all of this information. They've got like this incredibly in depth blog post with about an eight minute video and I. Guess what I what really excited me about. This is the fact that if somebody buys this machine right this like piece of hardware. It keeps on getting better like there's stuff that it absolutely didn't have when I first got it that now it it has the option to have and I haven't done anything other than just update the firmware, and that includes all of this really neat functionality now that they have in the little touch screen, and the way that it looks and the way that they've changed the color so. I'm just really impressed with how they're updating all this stuff and I guess for somebody like me that I never realized how powerful software can actually be. When it first came out and kind of look like someone took an age three and assignment game, and merged the two together, and that was function -ality guy. They definitely have opted since where it was when it released. Yeah, so it. Actually made it even more Simon like. I mean. Eh, actually now has even more colors. But it looks nicer like I'm a big fan of that. I'd be looking at this stuff. And now they have colors everywhere, and it's anyway, but they do have some really great. They should add like the Simon game into their into their of next firmware there. You go guys a recommendation for two point two. Simon in there so when you're just sitting there bored. You're going to play Simon on the board on the board and think Ding. Ding Ding Ding. Hilarious. But moving on another update zen castor had also a very big update. They've added video at HD video, so you don't think that they've released this into the wild, but they. You can join the Beta from what I I know you can actually just head over to then Castro. Dot Com and there are if you scroll down the page. I believe you have the option to opt in to that. So I someone said they asked to be in it, and they're on like number eight thousand on the waiting list. What I saw that this morning. Yeah, when you go on and social media that only Gosh that's insane. Wow I. don't know if that accurate, but they like. Yeah I. I requested I requested. I'm only eight thousand on the waiting list. Wow! That's kind of nuts and request early. And often. Arena, Arlene often, I've done only. When it comes to recording with video, only done it with squad cast, and the way that's at least for for the way that I like squad cast in the sense fat you, they really focus on the audio recording and the audio processing in the way that it works, but the off of the video aspect not for recording but four. Connecting with the person so that you can, if you want look at them right and have a conversation seeing each other, but it is not focusing on creating a video from your conversation. It's all audio focused I'm you know. I'm not sure how I feel about that. Because I guess I, I'm old school in the sense that I always thought recording podcast. You don't really need to see each other, but it feels to me that that people who are coming into the scene in terms of podcasting, even though they are aware that sometimes audio may not necessarily be optimal when using video like using skype with video on or zoom with video on it could. In some way affect the audio. I feel people really want to connect with each other and see each other, whereas I've never really I never really wanted that rob. I liked to be. Wants to do video calls I'm like no I mean I. I just have my business card folded now over my camp of my cam. So that I don't accidentally turn, get into video. Call it in want to get into the Gosh, yeah, we're GONNA, at once we get to like. Where have we been? I'M GONNA. Tell you a story, but what you guys are GonNa have to wait till the story, but now we are moving to a segment about one star reviews, and just in case you guys don't know the one-star reviews segment that we have on the show. Is Essentially you letting US know about your one star review and it would be awesome if you read it to us because like Darren does your Darren does here, but hold hold off we're going to. We're going to set them up. Real Nice, but. The reason we do that is simply because you know. One Star reviews often are really defeating. Feel good. They don't feel good when you get them. They kinda hit you where it hurts. And I think that to be able to like. Speak them out or like. I don't know. Make Fun of them. In some way, just really lightens the the way that we all move through this and all of us go through it so I think The one that's coming up as possibly. The best one. I've ever heard. Shall we move on? Now that you've set that up, yes, yes, I. Know I Robert. Elsie this Darren Marlow, the host of weird darkness stories of the paranormal. Supernatural Legends Lore. stereotypes, macab, unsolved and unexplained heard you guys talking about one-star reviews, and how people have been sharing them with you so I thought I'd share this with you. It's from artist Sharon one star, and it has the subject line of every one. Scheme in about a year ago. She said this guy's voice is so boring I'm used to Mr Creepy Pasta Jack Luna from dark topic and knifepoint horror. They really know how to tell a story. Listening to this podcast is like listening to my mom telling me a bedtime story except she even made fairytales more interesting than this..

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