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A strong connection to the city he earned his doctorate at boston university more than sixty years ago and then effort is underway to build a king memorial in boston wbz's josh binswanger's spoke about it with jim rooney president and chief executive officer of the greater boston chamber of commerce you know i take a important and actually like overdo it a form of monumental memorial to such a historic figure around race relations in america um be recognized right here in boston all local jack entrepreneur polish has contributed a million dollars to the projects and the king holiday comes amid the flap over what president trump did or did not say about haiti and african countries during a meeting last week in the white house president trump seemed to deny that he used a vulgar term to describe african countries during a meeting on immigration reform did you see why various the president is referring to republicans who went on sunday political shows to deny the president ever made the comment but there's one thing the president isn't rebutting that he believes the us should taken more immigrants from places like norway jordan phelps abc news traveling with the president in west palm beach florida meanwhile cbs's pam coulter tells us the immigration debate is heating up in washing several days after he reportedly used a vulgar term to describe haiti and africa president trump told reporters and florida he is not a racist police race first you any blame democrats for not doing more to protect the socalled dreamers they could dealer but i don't think the democrats want to make of the president obama set up the deferred action for childhood arrivals program that shields hundreds of thousands of young immigrants from deportation pam coulter cbs news washington at least thirty eight people are killed in a pair of suicide blasts in baghdad the came one right after the other during the morning rush should a busy street market in central baghdad officials say more than one hundred were injured no one has claimed responsibility a fire leaves more than a dozen without shelter will tell you where it happened in about five minutes wbz news time seven three traffic and weather together the subaru retailers of new england allwheel drive traffic.

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