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And in exchange he will lift sanctions deal with the Magnitsky act change, the plans form in Cleveland. Right. So this this is what words would be that would be that would be. That's that's the ultimate. I think of what they're looking for. And I think there's a lot of smoke to suggest that that did happen the Moscow tower deal would be sort of part of that. Maybe you know. But I don't think that either in the current political context, either perjury or obstruction of Justice. This is really sad to say, I don't think either of them will get Trump out of office. But a conspiracy with the Russians which is what collusion means he'll be gone. The Republicans will be you. Gotta remember George in Watergate, George Bush, head of the Republican party, Barry Goldwater, all these guys it took them until the summer of nineteen seventy four two years before that they're also all Knicks at oh, it's so which hunt, you know. It took a smo- smoking gun to come out to the distance of Watergate tapes, I should say you say two years, look that's shorter than it's taken in this case for any final conclusion on this because we, you know, in June of nineteen seventy two, you know, the Watergate burglars broke into the DNC in June of two thousand sixteen we learned that the Russians had broken into the DNC document and ally we learned that the Republican platform had been right doctored. And I was amazed at that convention that Cleveland convention that that wasn't more story at the convention. I was wondering what the hell's going from this moment of the discovery of the crime more time has gone on. Well, cares. In a fundamental. I mean, it's an interesting analogy, there's a fundamental difference. Here was that in Watergate. The crime was committed by people close to the to the White House close to. Election committee working for the you know in the case of June. She doesn't sixteen it was done by the Russians and we had to establish a link between the Russians and so I wanna make I wanna make two points. First of all on the BuzzFeed story. You say the story wasn't substantiated all that much. It wasn't substantiated at all it starts with this lead. Trump directed Cohen to lie. But then it never backs it up with win. How what did he say? Well, how was it communicated? You file that story you wouldn't pay. Well, what are the Email say what one tax backed up like what the hell? He tells us nothing, you know. And I got to say, you know, people trying to backflip saying that. Well, Muller statement was ours. Saying ewe's, and it doesn't really go to the core. I've got the statement right here. Buzzfeed's description of specific statements to the special counsel's office and characterization of documents and testimony obtained by this office regarding Michael Collins, congressional testimony are not accurate now. That is the story the story alleged claimed that Cohen had told the special counsel that Trump had directed him to lie and that it was backed up by documents in emails, so it's all encompassing pretty much encompass hassle. Only that encompasses Coen's testimony to the Muller team. And I don't see how you parse that Lang. Right..

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