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Sure phillies been tearing wherever they got back in tony number one seed in the west sherwin indiana's nate mcmillan overachieved yep okay san antonio is gregg popovich okay didn't he didn't have his best player so maybe they're giving him a little love he did it without kawhi doc rivers got one who i think did a fantastic job this year he lost his guys quin snyder sure now terry stotts okay foreman oh no brad stevens i just think well really i wouldn't have voted for him and i'm not saying that he should have won i'm saying that of everybody not one guy ain't no he's doing a great job better than pathy is one each so you get you vote vote you vote maybe they they'd probably go top three or top five i think i think they do one of the explanations was that in this particular voting process you do only get to poke on that explains it all yeah 'cause you're you're already saying they're they're not sorry even without starpower like did they have car read last year no oh did they have gordon hayward leisure no did they go to number one seat to get smoked gentleman sweep but they didn't know more see what he had a lot to work with the whatever you wanna call that he has something to work with revoted right now he should not only a vote he should get a lot of votes yeah but not fair that's not right that's not i go because donovan mitchell beat ben simmons in rookie of the year you vote regular season that's not fair in look at you changing it then.

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