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There are a lot of people on that eight-man panel who don't even have phil davis in their top fifteen at light-heavyweight which is crazy to me. I have him up there but like you look at his run. Who says he's been biltmore his only real losses or the nemtsov and ryan bater like other than that dude is just out here winning and again it's headed losses to. they weren't like just. I got blown out to competitive. Awesome two of those three. Were split decisions go. He is just generally in all of these fights he's one of the best light heavyweights in the world. But again we just discount him because he's boring and that's the way it goes but Yeah i i did not get what what was doing with with matching this up. I'll tell you what man romero through a couple of front kicks that were real close to change in the entire complexion of that entire fight. That guy is just such a ninja. He was very close to land in some of those. Push kicks but ak your thoughts on this. Well i will say the one thing I don't know. I can't remember where i have phil davis ranked in my my own rankings. I'm pretty sure i haven't been there. I could be wrong. My tough dean. Yes he like. We kind of talked about this before and previewing this card. He he hasn't. He's only lost really great fighters. It just feels like he hasn't had a win over great fighter in a while. I think this is subjective. Right like how do you view. The winds over like lima giri. A linton vassell compared to like guys that are fighting in the kind of mixing up the ucla. Johnny walkers and the anthony smith and things like that. So i mean if you if just based on how you see him perform you want to say filled Like a top six. Top seven headway. I don't blame you. But i also don't blame fans who might question like the strength of schedule like romero i think is maybe like the maybe the biggest name he he had the win. Over machida as well over male maybe right now the biggest name he's beaten in a while Even though it's a guy who's not a light-heavyweight he is a middleweight. That's just returning to this division for the first time in frigging forever So th there are some news about question like his his old competition but again people who want rank them higher. I don't blame. i don't blame them at all. These lieutenant busey century. If i am well but yeah i do i. I think we just need to see him. There win big one as a. Were you know conquer that cover baiter mountain or you know. Just keep racking up wins and belts against named guys i. I do wonder how the perceptual shift. Now that he's been romero. Because i know that a lot of respect for romero's still but he is. He is a middle eight. People are suddenly saying like all maybe old now and again and as that is relevant that people said oh wasn't a boring performance which i don't think it was but you know these are all things people can am ammunition. People can use against phil davis. Unfortunately i'll saying it. All i'm saying is in two weeks when we redo are the next round of the rankings. Y'all better have davis in the top fifteen that light-heavyweight because this is ridiculous at this point that this man wasn't in you guys number ninety nine.

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